Does Home Depot Sell Food in 2023? All You Need to Know!

It is always good to have some food items in your refrigerator. That’s because it is never a bad time for snacks.

But what if you run out? Your first thought would be to visit nearby supermarkets and grocery stores. Little you may know that even home improvement stores sell food items to some extent.

Now, you might be wondering does Home Depot sell food? Well, we have got you covered. Keep reading to find out!

Does Home Depot Sell Food?

Yes, Home Depot sells food and beverages in most of its stores.

Some food and drinks are also available for home delivery. Additionally, you can buy pantry staples from Home Depot. These include pork rub, deep frying oil, sauces, oil blend, and seasonings.

In addition, you might also love to know if Ikea gives free food or whether Big Lots sells frozen food.

Does Home Depot Sell Food

What Types of Food Does Home Depot Have?

Home Depot sells a variety of snacks and food items, including beef jerky and popcorn packs. You will also find candies and chocolates at Home Depot stores.

The store also sells beverages as well as beer brewing kits. You can filter dairy, soy, sugar-free, and fat-free foods on the Home Depot website.

Furthermore, Home Depot sells mineral as well as purified water. You will also find nutrient-enhanced water bottles.

Types of Food at Home Depot

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Does Home Depot Sell Pepsi Products?

No, there are no Pepsi products currently available at Home Depot.

One reason can be due to the presence of Coca-Cola. It is the direct competitor of Pepsi. And Home Depot sells Coca-Cola beverages, including Monster energy drinks.

Does Home Depot Sell Dog Food?

As of yet, there is no dog food or treats available at Home Depot.

However, Home Depot may stock dog food items. You can contact your nearest store to ask about the availability.

That said, Home Depot does sell steel bowls and waterers for dogs.

Does Home Depot Sell Cat Food?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not sell cat food in its stores or online.

However, you can buy cat litter, toys, litter boxes, scoops, furniture, and shelters. The store also sells cat feeders, waterers, dishes, food tables, and water fountains.

Does Home Depot Have Energy Drinks?

Yes, Home Depot does sell various energy drinks.

You can buy the most popular Red Bull and Monster energy drinks from Home Depot. They are also available in sugar-free packs.

Additionally, Home Depot is home to Powerade sports drinks.

Home Depot Energy Drinks

Does Home Depot Sell Fish Food?

Yes, you can buy fish food from Home Depot.

As of 2023, there is only one option available. Home Depot has floating fish food for Goldfish and Koi. You can buy it from the store or order online for $15.47 with no delivery charges.

Does Home Depot Sell Bird Food?

Yes, Home Depot has several bird food products available for sale.

Home Depot has some of the most well-known brands for bird food. That includes Pennington, Heath, BIRDS Choice, and Lyric.

You will find wild bird seed, black oil sunflower, nut & fruit, high energy mix, and peanut pieces. Almost all of these products are available for free or scheduled delivery.


Let’s revisit the original question, does Home Depot sell food? The short answer is absolute! In fact, there is a wide variety to choose from.

You can buy beef jerky, beverages, water bottles, food essentials, or popcorn for a movie night. Additionally, Home Depot is home to food for many pet animals, including birds and fish.

Unfortunately, you might not find a dog and cat food from Home Depot.

On the bright side, the home improvement store does sell pet supplies, care products, and shelters. And most of these items can also be delivered to your doorstep!

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