Does Home Depot Sell Firewood in 2023? Price+Variety

Does Home Depot Sell Firewood

In a hurry to get firewood for your barbeque but don’t know where to get them? Maybe Home Depot can help you.

It is one of the top home improvement stores in the US. This warehouse offers tons of things for everyday life, including appliances and tools.

But does Home Depot sell firewood? Worry not, as today, we’ll be looking at its services related to firewood. We’ll also share some tips related to the types of these woods.

Does Home Depot Sell Firewood?

Yes, Home Depot carries a large variety of firewood, perfect for keeping your home warm all winter.

They offer everything from standard chopped firewood to eco-friendly logs made from recycled materials.

Plus, their experts are always on hand to help you choose the right type of wood for your fireplace. Visit your local store today and stock up on fresh, cozy firewood.

Does Home Depot Sell Oak Firewood?

Yes, Home Depot sells oak firewood. They come in different packaging as well as both chopped and un-chopped forms.

You can buy oak firewood for as cheap as $8 to as higher as $190. The price may vary depending on your location.

In addition, read our following articles to learn if Lowe’s sells Firewood Year-Round or what is the cost of firewood at Albertsons.

Oak Firewood at Home Depot

How Much Should a Cord of Firewood Cost at Home Depot?

Home Depot sells firewood in the form of bundles or logs. You can get a bundle of 6-pack for $24.98. This is the price of Enviro-log firewood 4.3 lbs.

However, the prices really depend on where you live. In a rural area, you might get a bundle of wood for $50 or even less.

But in a city, the cost could be much higher, maybe even as high as $200.

Home Depot Firewood Cost

How Many Bundles of Firewood Are in a Cord?

A typical bundle has almost 4-6 pieces of firewood, and a chord contains 700 pieces of firewood. So, a cord of firewood would have 115-170 bundles of firewood.

The number of bundles in the cord depends on the size and thickness of a single bundle. For example, a general rule of thumb says a cord is 128 cubic feet.

So, if we have a bundle of 1 cubic foot, there would be 128 bundles in the cord. On the other hand, if a bundle is 0.75 cubic feet, it would take 171 of them to make a cord.

Similarly, if your firewood is sold in bigger or smaller bundles, you’ll need to do the math to determine how many are in a cord.

An exception is that thicker cords are made with bigger logs, so there will be fewer bundles than thinner cords.

And if the logs are massive, you might have just one bundle. So it depends on the specs of your particular firewood.

How Long Is Firewood Good for?

It depends on what you mean by “good for.” If you mean how long will it stay lit, about 10-15 minutes. If you mean how long will it continue to emit heat, then about an hour?

On the other hand, if you mean how long a firelog can be stored, it is 4-5 years. Keeping your firewood under a shelter is better to increase its life.

What Wood Smells Best When Burning?

Personally, we think Birchwood smells fantastic when it’s burning. A sweet, citrusy smell gets your nostrils tingling in a good way.

But we’ve also heard people say they love the smell of cedarwood or eucalyptus when it’s burning.

The following is the list of woods that produces quite a pleasing odor:

  • White Oak
  • White Ash
  • Hickory
  • Pine
  • Sycamore
  • Yew

Is It Ok to Leave Firewood Uncovered?

No, you should not leave firewood uncovered, especially if you’re in an area with many bugs.

Wood is an excellent place for pests to set up camp. If you leave the wood unprotected, you just ask for an infestation.

Additionally, uncovered wood can get wet and rot, creating a host of other problems. If you have a shed or other covered area to store firewood, that’s the best option.

If not, try to stack the wood in an area where it will be protected from the weather.

Is It Ok to Burn Moldy Firewood?

You should not burn moldy firewood as it can be a severe health hazard.

If the mold is a type of fungus, then you should not burn it. Because this firewood can release mycotoxins into the air, and you can inhale them.

If mold is a type of bacteria, burning the wood will produce more smoke. Moreover, it might not be perfect for your lungs, especially for asthmatic people.

Smoke from firewood can contain various harmful compounds, including carbon monoxide, soot, and other hazardous chemicals.

So unless you know the type of wood, you should avoid lighting it.

What Kind of Wood Burns the Hottest?

Osage orange is a very dense type of wood, which means it burns hot and slow. This makes it great for longer fires that need to maintain consistent heat.

Other woods that burns the hottest are as follows:

  • Cherry
  • Birch
  • Apple
  • Beech
  • Paper birch
  • White ash
  • Shagbark hickory
  • Black birch
  • Ironwood
  • Red maple

Bottom Line

In summary, Home Depot sells an extensive range of firewood. After placing the order, you can either pick up the wood from their store or they can deliver them to your house.

Secondly, we have also discussed the average half-life of firewood. In addition, we have seen that burning mold firewood can cause health problems.

We hope this Home Depot firewood guide has cleared most of your related questions. Still confusing; you can always hop on the comment section and ask whatever you want. Cheers!

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