Does Home Depot Sell Carpet & Rugs? Price, Brands, More

Does Home Depot Sell Carpet

Everyone knows that Home Depot is the place to go for home decor. But what if you need some carpets for your house?

So, here comes the question. Does Home Depot sell carpets? Or what kinds of carpets do they carry? Fear not; we’re here to help.

Today, we’ll give you a rundown of all the carpet-related services of Home Depot. Therefore, read on, and learn everything you need.

Does Home Depot Sell Carpet?

Yes, Home Depot sells carpets. They have plenty of options to choose from. Additionally, you can select a variety of colors.

The average carpet price at Home Depot ranges between $0.89-$5 per square foot.

You can place your order both online and in-store. However, they don’t have a home delivery option for all kinds of carpets.

Also, read the following blog to know if Lowe’s sells carpets or not.

Is Home Depot Carpet Good?

Yes, Home Depot carpets are pretty good.

Not only are they cheap, but also last longer. Additionally, the company also provides free installation services on some selected carpets.

However, keep one thing in mind. The carpets at Home Depot are not meant to last longer.

Since they have affordable options made mainly by subcontractors, their quality can suffer in the long run. In short, you get what you pay.

What Kind of Carpets Does Home Depot Have?

Home Depot has almost 400 types of carpets. In fact, they have a little bit of everything in nearly every price range.

Apart from that, Home Depot houses different carpet brands, including, LifeProof, trafficMASTER, Shaw, and Natural Harmony.

Additionally, you can get carpet for everything like your room, basement, stairs, bedroom, hallway, and office. All these options are available on their site.

Plus, Home Depot also allows you to choose between different fibers. The usual fiber options on their site include nylon, polyester, triexta, wool, and olefin.

Lastly, you also get the luxury of choosing your desired softness or hardness level. So, consider Home Depot the next time you buy a carpet.

Carpet Brands at Home Depot

Other Home Depot store-related queries:

Does Home Depot Have Carpet Rolls?

No, Home Depot doesn’t have carpet rolls. In this case, you are encouraged to look somewhere else.

Other than rolling carpets, they have a wide selection of them on their website.

Does Home Depot Have Carpet Samples?

Yes, Home Depot offers free carpet samples. However, this option is available only for online shopping.

When you schedule an in-home measurement, they will send you a free curated sample with their team.

Does Home Depot Have Carpet Sales?

Yes, Home Depot often has carpet sales. In fact, they usually have a big sale around the beginning of each year.

Additionally, they also open sales around national holidays like Independence Day or Christmas Day. Plus, you’ll find 10% off their particular products throughout the year.

So if you’re in the market for a new carpet, check out their website or store locator to see their next sale. You might be able to save a lot of money.

Does Home Depot Have Free Carpet Installation?

Yes, they have free carpet installation services but only on selected carpets. Plus, the selection may vary depending on your location.

Once you schedule an in-home measurement, their team will come with your desired carpet. After proper measures, they will install the carpet free of cost.

However, you need to know two things. First, free installation is only on $499+ orders.

Second, when you book a meeting with their team, you must pay a $50 non-refundable security deposit. They will later adjust it in your order.

Always ask about special deals and discounts, as they often offer promotional pricing on their services.

Does Home Depot Sell Shaw Carpet?

Yes, Home Depot does sell Shaw Carpet. Shaw Carpet is a popular brand of carpeting known for its quality and durability.

You can choose from plenty of colors and styles. The average price of Shaw carpet ranges from $1-$5.99 per square foot.

Does Home Depot Have Rugs?

Does Home Depot sell Rugs

Yes, Home Depot does have rugs.

If you’re looking for a budget rug, we recommend checking out Home Depot. They always have fantastic deals on rugs.

You can find a variety of types and styles, and the prices range from affordable to expensive. Home Depot rugs start at $10 and can go as high as $5000+.

And if you have any special requests or need help finding the perfect rug, just ask one of the associates in the flooring department. They’ll be more than happy to help.

Final Verdict:

Looking for a new carpet can be overwhelming, but fear not; Home Depot has got you covered. They offer a wide range of carpets in different fibers, softness, and hardness levels.

The prices are affordable, and the company even provides free installation services on selected carpets. You can also order your desired carpet online or visit the nearest store to check the collection.

The store also offers free samples and sales on special occasions, so keep an eye out for those to save some money.

So, if you want to give your home a new look, head to Home Depot and choose the perfect carpet for your space.

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