Does Home Depot Sell Boxes? (Types, Return Policy & More)

Does Home Depot Sell Boxes

Home Depot is one of the largest tools, construction products, household appliances, and retailers.No wonder it is the first option when people opt to buy moving products, such as shipping boxes.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, does Home Depot sell boxes? Let’s go through this article to find out!

Does Home Depot Sell Boxes in 2023?

Yes, Home Depot does sell boxes in stores as well as online. You can buy standard and special moving boxes from Home Depot. They also sell packing tape to seal these boxes.

If you are planning to move or package something, Home Depot can be a day saver. It has all the equipment, from boxes to packing paper. You can also buy box kits to make your own boxes.

The standard Home Depot boxes cost between $1.6 to $3.

Can You Return Unused Boxes to Home Depot

Who Makes Home Depot Boxes?

Pratt Industries is responsible for making Home Depot boxes. They pick up the recycled paper from the city and bring it to the paper mill.

Home Depot boxes are made entirely of recycled material. Therefore, there is no harm to the environment.

Pratt Industries use warm water to strengthen the fibers of their corrugated boxes. That is why it can also be used for heavy items.

Can I Use a Home Depot Box to Ship?

Yes, Home Depot has different types of boxes, including shipping ones. These are ideal for packaging and shipping items.

If the shipping item is heavier, opt for a heavy-duty box. Home Depot has large boxes with handles, which allow you to ship items easily.

What Kind Of Boxes Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot has a large selection of boxes, including moving boxes, TV boxes, wardrobe boxes, file boxes, and specialty boxes.

They have corrugated boxes available in all sizes. These range from small and medium to large. You can also look for boxes with the exact required dimensions at the Home Depot website and stores.

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Does Home Depot Sell Moving Boxes?

Yes, you can buy moving boxes as well as moving accessories from Home Depot.

As of yet, they offer standard moving boxes, specialty moving boxes, packing paper, moving accessories, packing tape, and moving box kits.

Does Home Depot Sell Wardrobe Boxes?

Yes, Home Depot does sell wardrobe boxes.

These are tall corrugated boxes used for moving wardrobe items, such as clothes. You can also find wardrobe boxes with a metal hanging bar that makes moving easier.

Does Home Depot Sell Lunch Boxes?

Yes, you can buy lunch boxes and bags from Home Depot stores and online.

Currently, they have more lunch bags available than lunch boxes. Most of them are made of polyester and work flawlessly to keep the food warm.

Can You Return Unused Boxes to Home Depot?

Yes, Home Depot allows you to return all unused boxes.

All you need is your original receipt and the boxes. You can return them to any Home Depot store for a refund.

The main reason Home Depot allows the return of unused boxes is to keep the environment greener.

Their boxes are made of eco-friendly and recycled materials. Thus, your unused boxes can be sold and reused instead of making new ones.


Buying boxes from Home Depot can be a great experience. These boxes are known to be strong and durable.

They can help you move and ship all items, regardless of weight. Just remember to buy appropriately-sized boxes that can support heavier items.

Home Depot can also help you with moving accessories. These can be used for sealing and packaging shipping items. Either way, you can buy them from your nearest Home Depot retailer or the website.

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