Does Home Depot Sell Batteries? Do They Recycle Them?

Does Home Depot Sell Batteries

When batteries are worn out, it’s best to get new ones as soon as possible. However, high-quality batteries are not available in every store. That is why people prefer a credible place.

Home Depot has made quite a name for itself due to its availability of appliances, tools, and other home improvement products. So, the question is, does Home Depot sell batteries?

Here’s a detailed answer.

Does Home Depot Sell Batteries?

Yes, Home Depot does sell batteries. Several sizes are available in stores and online. Home Depot also ships most of its batteries for free.

As of 2023, more than 500 options are available at Home Depot. These include all types of batteries you may need. You can view all the options on the Home Depot website.

Does Home Depot Buy Old Car Batteries?

Yes, you can sell or return an old car battery to Home Depot.

This option is available in locations that also sell car batteries. Taking old batteries is part of the Home Depot Recycle Program.

What Brands of Car Batteries Does Home Depot Sell?

As of yet, Home Depot has only Exide SPRINTER and TITAN car batteries. However, they do restock, meaning they will get more brands in stock.

Does Home Depot Sell Interstate Batteries?

Yes, you can buy Interstate batteries from Home Depot stores and online.

Currently, the most popular Interstate battery available is 5-1/4 in. x 7-3/4 in. It has over 20 reviews on the Home Depot official website.

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Does Home Depot Sell Exide Car Batteries?

Yes, Exide car batteries are always in stock in Home Depot stores. They have Exide SPRINTER and TITAN batteries available in-store and on the website.

Do Home Depot Car Batteries Have a Warranty?

Yes, most Home Depot car batteries are available with 3 years of limited warranty. You can also verify the warranty from employees when buying.

Do All Car Batteries Come With a Warranty?

Most car batteries do come with warranty coverage. However, the terms and conditions vary from brand to brand.

Some companies only accept a warranty if the battery is found defective. On the other hand, other brands allow extended coverage.

Can You Return the Car Batteries to Home Depot?

Yes, you can return a car battery to Home Depot.

Other than warranties, Home Depot recycles Alkaline AAA batteries. It means you can also return old car batteries by simply bringing them to the store.

You would have to show the receipt if it was bought from the store. For online purchases, returning requires email or credit card confirmation. Once it is verified, you will get the money instantly.

What Voids a Car Battery Warranty?

A car battery warranty is void if the battery shows signs of misuse or overcharging.

Most battery companies do not allow using alternators as they do not have a regulated charge. Generally, any sign of physical damage can void a car battery warranty.

What Is the Average Lifespan of a Car Battery?

On average, a car battery lasts 3 to 5 years. However, lesser-used batteries can even last up to 7 years.

Normally, it depends on your usage. There have been examples of batteries lasting up to 10 years.

What Other Types of Batteries Does Home Depot Sell?

Other than car batteries, Home Depot has outdoor power, power tool, rechargeable, every day, and performance batteries.

In terms of sizes, they have 12V, 9V, D, AA, AAA, and coin batteries.

You can also find batteries on the Home Depot website based on power type. They have NiMH, Sealed Lead Acid, Alkaline, Zinc Air, NiCd, Lithium-Ion, Silver Oxide, and Lithium batteries.

Does Home Depot Recycle Batteries?

Yes, Home Depot recycles batteries.

Home Depot collaborates with Call2Recycle, a non-profit battery recycling program, to offer in-store battery recycling.

You can bring any rechargeable battery or mobile phone to a participating Home Depot location for recycling, with a weight limit of 11 lbs. This is a convenient and environmentally friendly option for disposing of used batteries.

Which Batteries Does Home Depot Recycle?

The Call2Recycle program at Home Depot allows customers to recycle a wide range of rechargeable batteries at designated collection bins in their stores.

These include lithium-ion batteries commonly found in cordless power tools, cell and cordless phones, digital cameras and camcorders, and remote-control toys. The store also recycles two-way radios, laptops, and other portable electronic devices.

The batteries must weigh less than 11 pounds and have a rating of 300 watt-hours or less to be eligible for recycling.

By properly disposing of these batteries through the program, we can help to reduce the environmental impact and preserve our planet’s resources.


That’s all to know about Home Depot and batteries. In short, Home Depot has all the batteries you’ll need.

From car to rechargeable, you can view all the available options on the Home Depot website. You can also order these batteries from the comfort of your home. Most of them are available for free shipping.

Home Depot also participates in a recycling program for old car batteries and other rechargeable batteries and mobile phones.

In addition, all batteries can also be selected for pickup. It will save you time by keeping you from queues. Simply select a battery for the pickup option, head to your nearest Home Depot store, and you are all set!

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