Does Hobby Lobby Sell Puzzles?

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Puzzles

Creating and solving puzzles is one of my great hobbies. That’s because it helps one focus and improves cognitive abilities.

You can buy many different types of puzzles, including crossword, jigsaw, legos, etc. But where are they sold?

Hobby Lobby is the go-to place for fulfilling arts & crafts needs. So, does Hobby Lobby sell puzzles?

Here’s the truth!

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Puzzles?

Yes, Hobby Lobby does sell puzzles as of 2022. The item is available under the Hobbies & Collecting section.

Currently, there are more than 90 products available in the puzzle category. Their brands include Disney, Ceaco, Brother Sister Design Studio, Cobbie Hill, Aquarius, and Cobble Hill.

The good part is that most puzzle boxes are available for home delivery as well as in-store pickup.

What Kind of Puzzles Does Hobby Lobby Have?

Hobby Lobby sells puzzles based on their themes. For instance, they have Disney, Doughnuts, Spectrum, Large Format, Country General, and Genesis 9:16 Noah’s Ark puzzles.

You will find religion, nature, tv, movies, animal, travel, and nautical puzzles at Hobby Lobby.

Moreover, they also classify sets according to colors. Hobby Lobby has brown, green, blue, black, red, and multi-color puzzle sets.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Crossword Puzzles?

Yes, you can buy crossword puzzles at Hobby Lobby. They have various education-related puzzle books available for sale.

You can buy the classic crossword puzzle or opt for something more complex. That means large print word finds and puzzle books. See & Spell puzzles are also available at Hobby Lobby.

All of these sets are very helpful for kids. They can learn and improve their vocabulary while having a good time with these puzzles.

Are Jigsaw Puzzles Good for the Brain?

Absolutely! Jigsaw puzzles are great for the brain. They help improve the concentration span and visual-spatial reasoning.

According to several studies, jigsaw puzzles also improve short-term memory. You can become an excellent problem solver with these puzzles.

Since they require you to find and put together appropriate pieces, jigsaw puzzles boost the creativity of one’s brain.

Not only that, but jigsaw puzzles are also good for improving productivity. It is a good hobby that improves your cognitive abilities.

Why Puzzles Are Good for Your Brain?

Puzzles are good for the brain for many reasons. They increase your IQ level and make you a better problem solver.

Puzzles also increase your productivity and creativity. That’s because they require you to pay more attention to small details.

Solving puzzles is also an excellent hobby that can take away stress and anxiety as it releases dopamine.

Short-term memory is also enhanced with puzzle solving. And conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia can be delayed. In short, puzzles are very good for young and adult brains alike.

How Much Do Puzzles Cost at Hobby Lobby?

Puzzles can cost anywhere between $6 to $10.99 at Hobby Lobby.

The prices depend on the scale and brand of the puzzles. For instance, the 4-in-1 Classic Disney puzzle is more expensive at Hobby Lobby since it is a complete pack.

It costs $14.99, while other puzzles range from $5.99 to $11.99.

When Do Puzzles Go on Sale at Hobby Lobby?

Puzzles are a part of the Hobbies section at Hobby Lobby. This section goes on sale during the first week of December.

You will find a huge 20% off sale at Hobby Lobby on the Hobbies supplies. This sale starts in the first week of December.

However, it covers the entire month of December as it ends right on the week before Christmas. Therefore, you will have plenty of time to buy your favorite puzzles.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Puzzle Boards?

As of yet, there are no puzzle boards at Hobby Lobby. But they do have Pack-a-Puzzle Mat for sale.

You can buy the puzzle mat from Hobby Lobby for $9.99. It comes with an expandable cardboard tube, elastic straps, and a black mat.

Other than that, you can buy various puzzle sets from Hobby Lobby.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Puzzle Glue?

Yes, puzzle glue is available at Hobby Lobby for sale.

You can buy the 4-ounce bottle for only $3.99. It helps in putting together a broken puzzle.

You can also buy the Mod Podge or the Matte Mod Podge glue bottles. These also work well for puzzles and other such items.


And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on the puzzle inventory at Hobby Lobby. You can buy various puzzles from the popular retail chain.

They have a huge selection when it comes to collectibles and hobby supplies. The best part is that the Hobby Lobby website is quite helpful. It can help you buy everything you need online.

That said, the variety and availability can vary from store to store. So, it is best to contact your nearest Hobby Lobby location beforehand. It will save you time and the trip.

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