Hobby Lobby Fabric: Sale, Price, Variety, & FAQs

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Fabric

When it comes to departmental stores, only a few are a match for Hobby Lobby. This retail chain carries all you will need.

That includes clothing, collectibles, flowers, home & lifestyle products, baskets, jewelry, and seasonal supplies.

However, people often wonder if the retail chain has a department for fabric. Does Hobby Lobby sell fabric? Here’s the answer!

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Fabric?

Yes, Hobby Lobby does fabric. They have a separate section for fabric and sewing products that you can explore in stores and online.

The Hobby Lobby website makes it easier to narrow down fabric searches. You can shop by type.

Currently, Hobby Lobby has quilting, fleece, canvas, apparel, home décor, battling, duck cloth, fillings, flannel, seasonal, utility, sports, and outdoor fabric.

They also stock ribbons, trims, books, and quilting notions. Therefore, you will surely find what you need at the store.

Hobby Lobby Fabric

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Does Hobby Lobby Have Quality Fabric?

Yes, you can buy quality fabric from Hobby Lobby.

Not only that, but the retail chain also offers exceptionally lower prices as compared to other stores.

Hobby Lobby is a departmental store. Therefore, the chain divides its focus on all of its products. Fabric is one department in Hobby Lobby’s inventory.

Considering that, you will find various high-quality fabric products at the departmental store.

The good part is that prices are very affordable. Consider that factor as well, and you will come to love the fabric at Hobby Lobby.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Fabric Scraps?

Yes, fabric scraps are sold at Hobby Lobby. You will find them in most locations.

It is important to note that fabric scraps are not available widely on their website. Hence, you will have to visit a location.

That said, you will be surprised by the variety of fabric scraps at Hobby Lobby. They have packs of different materials, purposes, and colors. Generally, they are sold by weight.

Other queries of Hobby Lobby:

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Fabric by the Yard?

Yes, Hobby Lobby sells fabric by the yard in its stores and on the website.

Many fabric options are available to buy online. You can buy fabric yards from the comfort of your home.

You will find brands like Hanes Industries, Wrights, Brother Sister Design Studio, Springs Creative, David Textiles, and Magic Cover at Hobby Lobby.

How Much is 1 Yard of Fabric at Hobby Lobby?

It depends on the type of fabric. Generally, apparel fabric is comparatively cheaper. You can buy 1 yard of it from Hobby Lobby for $4 to $6.

However, some fabric types are more expensive. That includes fleece and flannel. The prices in this category start at $6 to $8. Home Décor fabrics are also costly.

They may cost anywhere between $8 to $20 at Hobby Lobby. Similarly, the prices can vary from type to type.

Hobby Lobby Fabric Sale Schedule

Worried that you might miss the Hobby Lobby sale?

Here’s the complete schedule for 2023, so you will never miss the unbeatable prices.

Summer Décor40% off from February to May 50% off on the first two weeks of June Up to 66% off during mid-June
Spring Sale40% off from December to May 50% off during mid-June Up to 66% off from mid-June to July
New Year’s Party Sale40% off from Mid- November to New Year’s Eve Up to 90% off during the first week of January
Halloween Décor Sale40% off during the last week of September and throughout October
Fall Décor Sale40% off from mid-July to October 50% off on the first two weeks and 80% off on the last two weeks of November, respectively
Easter Crafts40% off from February to April 80% off after 1 week of Easter
St. Patrick’s Day Sale30% off from mid-February to March 17 And 50% off until 1 week after St.Patrick’s Day.
Christmas and Gift Wrap50% off during mid-December and up to 66% off during the end of the month 50% off from the end of November to the first weeks of December

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Blanket Fabric?

Yes, fleece and flannel fabric are available at Hobby Lobby, which can be used in blankets.

You can view all the available options under the fleece and flannel fabric section. As of yet, there are more than a hundred options with unique and attractive designs.

The prices may start as low as $6 and go as high as $8. Currently, there is an ongoing sale, so you can grab your desired fabrics at a significantly lower price.

To Wrap Up

And that’s all there is to know about Hobby Lobby and its fabric section. Does it have variety? Absolutely! You will find hundreds of products under every category.

Moreover, all of them are organized according to type. This way, you can find specifically what you are looking for. If not exactly that, you can still find an alternative in the same category.

Generally, Hobby Lobby keeps its fabric and sewing products at 30% sale all year round. So, make sure to grab the ones you need before they are out of stock!

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