Does Hobby Lobby Sell Books in 2023? [Cost+Variety]

Do Hobby Lobby Sell Books

It’s a relief to know that people still love to read and think it’s the best way to spend quality time with ourselves. 

However, the technology has also locked books behind the screens.  

For most people, this may be a convenient option. Still, for others, a hard copy from a store like Hobby Lobby has its satisfaction.

So, does Hobby Lobby sell Books? Keep Reading to find out. 

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Books?

Yes, Hobby Lobby sells books at all its stores across the USA and online. The store has hundreds of different kinds of books available in-store and online. You can find a book on almost every topic. 

It has arts & crafts, Fabric, inspirational and sewing books, and more that you can find according to your interests. 

Hobby Lobby sells a book at a reasonable price and often offers a discount on different books. You can buy a book for around $6 to $15. 

However, if you order a book online, you must also pay shipping charges.

How Many Hobby Lobby Locations Sell Books?

Hobby Lobby has around 969 stores in 47 states. All of its store locations across the USA sell books.

You can find many books according to your preference in the stores. Visiting the store might give you more options, as limited options are available online. 

People are available at the store to help you find what book genre you want and suggest a better option. 

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Bookshelves?

Yes, Hobby Lobby offers a wide range of unique and beautiful wood and metal shelves.

There are multiple options for you to choose from. You can find the bookshelves in different colors, sizes, and prices. 

Monetary, the prices of the bookshelves range from $70 to $180 depending on their capacity and size.

However, for a better decision, you can visit the store and check the designs and qualities for yourself. 

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Book Decor?

Yes, Hobby Lobby has various pieces of book decor available online and in stores. 

Most Book decors available in the Hobby Lobby are made up of wood. There are many different designs available for book decor. 

Approximately, you can grab your book decor between $8 to $25. 

You can order your book décor online or go to the nearest store to get it; you have both options.

Books at Hobby Lobby

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Magazines?

No, Hobby Lobby does not sell magazines anymore. 

Hobby Lobby used to sell magazines but stopped selling them somewhere in 2015. The reason remains unknown. 

The store had a lot of regular customers of magazines who were deeply saddened by the sudden discontinuation of the magazines. 

However, there are many other online platforms like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart from where you can get your magazine subscription. You can also get magazines from Target.

So, you can receive all the latest magazines during the subscription.  

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Drawing Books?

Yes, Hobby Lobby has different drawing books available in both the store and online. 

The store sells some fine drawing books to let the inner artist in you out on the pages. 

Hobby Lobby also has a great collection of drawing books for children to help them learn how to draw and color.

For example, you can get drawing books like How to Draw Cats, Flowers or Wild Animals and much more. 

The prices vary from book to book, but you can bag your drawing book at around $5 to $15.  

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Bibles?

Yes, Hobby Lobby sells Bibles at all its store locations and online. 

The store has different covers and sizes of the bible, and the prices range from $11 to $25. 

Not only that, Hobby Lobby sells the Bible in Spanish translation for its Hispanic readers.

It also has books related to the bible, like bible dictionaries, commentary, and sub-parts of the bible. 

Hobby Lobby also has some Bible-related books for children, so it’s simpler for children to learn and read.

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Final Thoughts

To put it concisely, you can find many books at the Hobby Lobby stores of your choice.

It is a large chain retail company that sells books, art, and craft supplies to home decor; you can find many essential things at Hobby Lobby at an affordable price. 

Hobby Lobby has close to a thousand stores in 47 states, making it easier for customers to visit its stores. It also has good online service.

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