Does Hobby Lobby Sell Balloons in 2023? Ultimate Guide

Balloons are an essential part of the decoration. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary, balloons can elevate the ambiance of a place. But where can you buy colorful and quality balloons?

Hobby Lobby is one of the biggest retailers of home décor and arts & craft supplies. But does Hobby Lobby sell balloons? Here’s all you need to know!

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Balloons?

Yes, Hobby Lobby does sell balloons as of 2023. They have this decoration item in various colors and for different events.

Generally, balloons are available in the party supplies section of the Hobby Lobby. There is a separate sub-section consisting of balloons. It has over 30 products that you can explore and buy.

Hobby Lobby offers balloons from brands like Brother Sister Design Studios, Gayla, and FunSational. You can also shop this product by color, theme, pattern, letter, etc.

Does Hobby Lobby Sell Balloons

Does Hobby Lobby Blow up Balloons?

Hobby Lobby does not blow up balloons in their stores.

I visited my nearest Hobby Lobby store to purchase some balloons for my cousin’s birthday party. But when asked about inflation, the representative clearly stated that they do not blow up balloons.

Although, the store does offer helium canisters for purchase which can be used to inflate the balloons at home.

However, you can visit other stores which provide this service. For example, Walmart blows up balloons, and Publix also blows up balloons. Other names include:

  • Dollar General
  • Dollar Tree
  • Party Depot
  • Kroger
  • CVS

Does Hobby Lobby Have Helium Balloons?

Currently, Hobby Lobby does not have helium balloons on the website or in stores.

Hobby Lobby carries a helium tank. You can use it to fill helium balloons. You can get the helium tank for $49.99.

Helium balloons can be bought from many popular retailers. Some names include Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc.

Does Hobby Lobby Have Water Balloons?

As of 2023, Hobby Lobby does not sell water balloons.

But there is a cheaper solution. Little do many people know that latex balloons can be used with water. They can contain liquids, air, and gasses for some time.

Hence, you can buy latex balloons from Hobby Lobby. These are available widely in the party supplies section. Later on, you can fill these balloons with water.

Does Hobby Lobby Have Metallic Balloons?

Yes, you can buy metallic balloons from Hobby Lobby. These are available in several colors and designs.

Currently, there are 2 choices in this category. You can get a pack of 8 metallic balloons for $1.59. It contains balloons in assorted colors, like purple, pink, teal, blue, etc.

The second choice is the pack of Gold Metallic balloons. These are available in the same pack size and price. However, this pack only comes in gold color.

Hobby Lobby Balloons

Which Balloons Last Longest?

Mylar balloons are considered to be the longest-lasting balloons. These can survive for up to weeks.

It also depends on the size of the balloon. Helium and latex balloons are quite popular but only survive up to 12-24 hours.

Mylar balloons, also known as foil balloons, have the longest lifespan. The only type that comes close is bubble balloons.

Does Hairspray Make Balloons Last Longer?

Absolutely! Hairspray can make balloons stay in the air for much longer.

The trick is to apply hairspray on the outside of a balloon. It keeps the balloon sealed, causing it to keep the air intact. That is why balloons remain in the air longer with hairspray.

Note that hairspray does not work on all types of balloons. It offers good results for latex and helium balloons.

Also, do not overdo it. Simply coat it on the outside of a balloon.

Do Hobby Lobby Refill Helium Tanks?

Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby does not refill helium tanks.

Hobby Lobby has a firm policy regarding its party supplies. You can get your helium balloons inflated for a certain fee.

The retail chain requires you to submit your balloons at least 2-3 hours before your event. However, they do not refill helium tanks. What’s the solution? Well, you have to opt for a new helium tank.

Final Thoughts

Let’s get back to our original question. Does Hobby Lobby sell balloons? Yes, they do! The popular retail chain has a wide selection of party supplies.

They carry all the items you will need for an event. Other than balloons, Hobby Lobby has pinatas, paper plates, candles, creams, cake toppers, table runners, décor, and other items.

You can shop according to the theme at Hobby Lobby. It helps maintain the aesthetics of an event. Since these items are available in various colors, you can always rely on Hobby Lobby.

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