Does FedEx Sell Ink in 2023?

Does FedEx Sell Ink

Office supplies are available in many places. You will find a lot of local stores packed with these products.

But, not every place has the most quality items. Among all supplies, one of the most demanded items is printer ink.

Since FedEx is the biggest postage service provider, people head there to buy office supplies. So, does FedEx sell ink?

Here’s all you need to know!

Does FedEx Sell Ink?

Yes, FedEx does sell ink in its offices. You can also view the office supplies on the FedEx website.

All products are available for pickup. Note that these items can not be purchased online.

Also, office supplies are not available in all FedEx offices. It is best to contact your nearest location to find out whether they have the required items or not.

In a FedEx office supplies section, you will find paper, mailing supplies, and ink cartridges. Moreover, you might also like to read if Target sells ink or not.

Does FedEx Sell Printer Ink?

Yes, FedEx does have ink cartridges in some locations.

Ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers. You can find them in FedEx locations that sell office supplies.

Additionally, they also have paper for printers.

Does FedEx Sell Printer Ink

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Does FedEx Charge When You Print Label?

Yes, FedEx charges for the labels when they are in the mail stream. You can use a FedEx account to avoid incurring label printing bills to your account.

You can create labels on the FedEx website. Moreover, they can print the label at your selected location. This way, it is even more convenient.

It works almost the same as the pickup option offered by FedEx for packaging and office supplies.

Can FedEx Print Label for Free?

FedEx can print the label for you by just showing your QR code. But, the charges may vary from location to location.

You can create labels in all FedEx offices as well as online. If you do not have a FedEx location nearby, you can go to a participating retailer.

They will also offer FedEx services and supplies.

Does FedEx Have Inkjet Printers?

Yes, you can use inkjet printers in FedEx offices. They are available in almost all locations and participating retailers.

FedEx offers a wide range of printing services in its offices. That includes wall art, décor, brand image, and promotional products.

FedEx has inkjet printers that can help you with printing manuals, brochures, custom frames, canvas prints, custom boxes, greeting cards, flyers, business cards, and postcards.

Does FedEx Refill Ink Cartridges?

Unfortunately, FedEx does not refill ink cartridges. However, you can buy new cartridges from some FedEx locations.

That said, you can refill ink cartridges from Office Max. If you do not know, Office Max also offers FedEx services. Almost all their locations have FedEx packaging, shipping, and printing available.

Other than Office Max, Costco, and Walgreens can also refill ink cartridges.


FedEx is home to some of the most necessary office supplies. They have printing ink cartridges, paper, etc. You can also get envelopes and mailers from all FedEx offices.

Additionally, FedEx offers excellent printing services. They can help your print almost anything you want.

Whether you want to promote your brand or need home decor, they have you covered.

FedEx also made it quite easy to print a label. You can order on the website right now and get the print from any nearby location.

What more could someone ask for?

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