Does FedEx Sell Bubble Wrap?

Packaging can be a hectic task. First, you have to find boxes of a suitable size. Then the second thing is packaging supplies.

That includes tape, labels, packaging peanuts, etc. However, the most important item in bubble wrap.

FedEx is the biggest postage and shipping, service provider. But does FedEx sell bubble wrap? Let’s find out!

Does FedEx Sell Bubble Wrap?

Yes, FedEx does sell bubble wrap in all of its offices. You can also view them on the website. Bubble wraps are present under cushioning, void fill, and packaging peanuts.

Note that you can only buy bubble wrap from FedEx stores. They are not available for online purchasing.

Also, wraps are available in various sizes. FedEx also sells big anti-static bubble rolls. As of 2022, the prices start from $3.99 for a 3/16” (12” x 10’) roll.

Does FedEx Sell Bubble Wrap

Does FedEx Offer Packaging?

Yes, FedEx offers free packaging to meet your shipping requirements.

You can get free packaging supplies with a FedEx account. They have all the supplies, including tape, bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, etc.

Additionally, shipping services at FedEx also come with complimentary packaging by a professional.

Does FedEx Provide Shipping Pouch?

Yes, your shipping items, such as documents, are properly secured in pouches by FedEx. These pouches are provided to all shipping, domestic and international.

The FedEx pouches are made of high-quality materials. They are tea and water-resistant, making them extra protection for your documents.

Is FedEx Pouch Free?

Generally, FedEx provides a free pouch when you send your shipments via FedEx. However, buying pouches separately is not free.

FedEx also sells mailers that can be used for documents as well. You can buy mailers and envelopes in different sizes from any FedEx location.

Does FedEx Charge for Bubble Wrap?

If you select a shipping service from FedEx, the packaging comes complementary. Therefore, bubble wrap for your shipment is free of charge.

That said, FedEx also sells bubble rolls of different sizes. You can buy them if you want to wrap your shipment at home.

Anything that’s part of the shipping service is generally free at FedEx.

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Does FedEx Have Free Bubble Wrap?

Yes, you can get free bubble wrap from FedEx if you give them your shipment.

FedEx focuses on the service rather than the packaging supplies. Thus, tapes, bubble wraps, and packaging peanuts are free of cost.

However, if you buy them separately, you will have to pay.


And that’s all you need to know about buying and getting free bubble wrap from FedEx. In short, if it is a part of your shipment service, it is free.

You will have to pay the cost if it is outside the service. The same can be said for shipment boxes. They are also generally offered free with FedEx Express delivery service.

Additionally, they also pack your shipment perfectly. FedEx has professionals who ensure that your item will not be damaged.

Every shipment is packed carefully, whether it is domestic or international. Hence, you can trust FedEx with your shipment for a speedy and safe delivery.

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