Does FedEx Do Money Orders? All FAQs Answered

FedEx is one of the biggest postage and shipping companies in the world. It has locations in over 150 countries.

Not only that, but FedEx is also quite popular for its printing services. Therefore, it is often the subject of many questions.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, does FedEx do money orders? Well, here’s everything you need to know!

Does FedEx Do Money Orders?

Does FedEx Do Money Orders

Unfortunately, you can not cash or buy money orders from FedEx. In fact, the company offers no money-related services in any location.

However, FedEx does deliver money orders. Additionally, it is the biggest printing, postage, and shipping company. Therefore, money services are irrelevant to FedEx’s niche.

You can buy money orders from banks, local monetary stores, post offices, grocery stores, etc. Google can also help you find nearby retailers. Simply search for “money orders near me.”

Read the following articles to learn which stores sell money orders:

Can I Send a Money Order by FedEx?

Does FedEx deliver Money Orders

Yes, FedEx does deliver money orders, even though it does not sell them.

Moreover, you can use money orders to make payments on FedEx.

Note that not all services are eligible for a money order payment. That said, you can definitely send a money order to the desired address via FedEx.

Why Does FedEx Not Sell Money Orders?

FedEx is a leading name in shipping and logistics. Hence, selling financial products, like money orders, is out of FedEx’s area of expertise.

The company also does not need to sell money orders. They have made a good name as a shipping and postage company.

And they have all the essential services and products for logistics.

Will FedEx Ever Sell Money Orders?

Considering the current economic conditions, it is highly unlikely that FedEx will add a new department to the company.

As of 2022, the world is going through some rough economic changes. Hence, every company is looking to sustain itself. The same can be said for FedEx.

They are continually offering their unbeatable shipping and logistics services. Adding a whole new department can be a gamble.

Can FedEx Ship Money Orders?

Yes, you can ship money orders using FedEx.

Regarding financial units, checks and money orders can be easily sent through all FedEx locations.

The shipping process for money orders is the same as any other document or paper product. Generally, FedEx workers will pack your shipment in a water-resistant envelope.

It will make sure that your money order remains safe throughout the journey. As for the shipping charges, they will be somewhere between $10 – $11.

Final Words

 Let’s come back to our original question. Does FedEx do money orders? You can only ship or send money orders to your desired location via FedEx. But can you buy them? No.

As of 2023, no FedEx office is selling money orders. Will they sell in the future? It is highly unlikely, considering it is a completely different route for the shipping company.

That said, you can still opt for FedEx for many services. That includes shipping, postage, printing, etc. As for money orders, countless banks and grocery stores sell them.

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