Does eBay Sell New Items? (All You Need to Know)

eBay has made its mark as one of the biggest names in the shopping world. From personalized items, jewelry, toys, and fabrics to automotive parts and vintage items, you can find almost anything on the website.

You can also sell a valuable used item easily on eBay. But, due to a large number of used items, people often ask, does eBay sell new items at all?

Let’s find out all you should know to answer this question.

Does eBay Sell New Items in 2022?

Does ebay Sell New Items

Yes, you can buy new items on eBay. Along with used items, you can find a wide variety of brand-new items in all categories. In fact, approximately 80% of eBay’s inventory is claimed to be brand new.

The best part about buying items on eBay is that you can skip auctions. The website offers a Buy Now option, allowing users to buy an item instantly. Almost 90% of items are eligible for the Buy Now option.

You can scroll through the wide collection of eBay’s new inventory. It contains items from some of the biggest brands worldwide.

However, you should inspect an item carefully before making the purchase. You can find whether an item is brand-new or used in the product description.

Does New Mean Brand New on eBay?

For most products, new does mean brand-new on eBay.

These products may fall into categories of cell phones, mobile accessories, computers, tablets, electronics, musical instruments, headphones, video game consoles, gardening products, and smart homes.

On the other hand, some products are mentioned with the tag brand-new. The most common example is books & magazines.

Instead of new, they are described as brand-new. Movies, TV, Video games, and Music products are also tagged with brand-new.

Brand-new on eBay means the same anywhere in the world. It means the item is never opened, or the sealing is still intact. Therefore, buying a brand-new item will still get the packaged good.

There is also another condition described as “Like New.” It means the item is taken out of the sealing.

However, Like New items have no visible signs of usage. Hence, they are able to maintain their premium quality.

What Percent of eBay Items Are New?

About 80% of items on eBay are new. They are listed with tags, such as brand-new or new.

Although eBay was designed to be a platform for selling and buying used goods, it has evolved over the years.

Now, eBay tells the condition of each item. It helps the consumer determine whether an item is brand-new, like new, or used.

eBay has become an excellent source of income for some of the biggest retailers and brands.

Now, many huge names launch their products directly on eBay. That is why the website has managed to create such a huge inventory of new goods.

Does eBay Sell New Cars?

Yes, eBay does sell new cars. You will be surprised to find out the variety of new cars on the website. These include some of the biggest names, such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Not only that, but eBay also offers a wide selection of certified pre-owned cars. While these are not new, they are generally sold in good condition. You can also sell your new or used car easily on eBay.

Many companies directly sell their cars and trucks on eBay. You can also find some vintage options, such as a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

Does eBay Sell New Clothes?

Yes, you can buy new clothes from eBay.

The platform is quite popular for its fabric-related goods. You can also opt for used or pre-loved clothing options.

Surprisingly, many big brands and newer startups sell their clothes on eBay.

They do not make their separate e-commerce stores. It allows them to operate on an already-established platform.

Does eBay Sell New Phones?

eBay does sell new as well as used cell phones and smartphones.

Additionally, the website also includes some of the best mobile accessories you will find.

You can shop smartphones on eBay based on companies. For instance, you can easily filter all Samsung phones and find the right one.

Similarly, you can also shop by the network. It is an excellent option to navigate the right used mobile phone.

The mobile equipment is also quite vast on eBay. Some of the best headphones, chargers, and cables are available on the website.

Do many people wonder why new phones are sold so cheap on eBay? Well, the answer is the two-year contract.

Companies can easily recover the price via the contract. That is why you might find lower prices for smartphones and accessories on eBay.

Does eBay Sell New Shoes?

Yes, you can buy new shoes from eBay. For shoes and accessories, look for “New with tags.” That means the item is unused and still intact in its original packaging. 

You will find a large variety of shoes on eBay. These may range from formal shoes to sneakers. Most shoes are marked new. However, there are many factors to consider when buying new shoes from eBay.

First and foremost, if you pick New with tags, the item is still in its original box and has tags attached. The second condition is New without tags.

It means the item is brand-new but not inside the original packaging, and the tags may also be missing.

Lastly, New with defects is another popular condition. It means the item may or may not have the original packaging. However, the most important part of this condition is to look for some minor faults.

These shoes may contain imperfections, such as color variations, issues, or some unnoticeable marks.

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Is It Good To Buy From eBay?

Yes, it is definitely good to buy from eBay. On top of that, it is also great to sell on eBay.

Let’s see why is it good to buy from eBay? First of all, the website is safe. You would not face scams or fraud while buying or selling on eBay. The customer service is helpful, and you can always get your issues resolved.

Secondly, there is a huge variety of items to choose from. eBay offers an unparalleled library when it comes to its inventory. It is filled with used and new items ranging in all categories.

You can buy clothes, smartphones, mobile accessories, cars, automotive parts, jewelry, vintage art pieces, sheets, curtains, shoes, legos, tools, and collectibles.

The best part is that these items are available in different conditions. That is an excellent factor considering not everyone has the same budget.

For instance, if you want to buy tools for cheap, you can opt for used or refurbished ones. They will surely cost significantly lower than newer tools.

Since eBay has made such a huge name, brands approach it directly to sell their goods. That is another excellent reason to trust eBay.


There is a vast collection of new items you can buy from eBay. Whether clothes, shoes, or cars, check the description before making the final decision.

You are destined to find something you’ll love with so many options available. If you want to clean some items from your home, you can list them for auction. That’s a great way to earn money by selling unnecessary items.

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