Does CVS Sell Watches in 2023?

For many people, watches are a necessity. On the other hand, many others see it as a luxury.

Watches elevate the overall appearance of your attire. That is why they are still popular to this day, even with the mass availability of smartphones.

But, where do you buy affordable watches? Surprisingly, your nearest pharmacy store may have some in stock. One of the frequently asked questions is, does CVS sell watches?

Here’s all to know!

Does CVS Sell Watches?

Does CVS Sell Watches

Yes, you can buy watches from CVS. They have different styles of analog and digital watches. On top of that, you will also find fitness trackers at CVS.

CVS has some of the lowest price watches in all stores. You will find the analog/digital watch by CVS for only $9.99.

Note that the stock may vary from store to store. It means that all the watches you see on the CVS website are not available in all locations. Similarly, not all watches are available for delivery.

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Does CVS Sell Wrist Watch?

Yes, CVS does sell wristwatches. You can also buy watch batteries from CVS.  They also carry heart rate monitors and fitness tracker wristwatches.

Keep in mind that CVS does not have hundreds or thousands of options when it comes to watches.

Hence, you will only find a few brands and models.

Does CVS Sell Digital Watches?

Yes, digital watches are available at CVS for sale.

Currently, digital watches are all the rage. Surprisingly, you can buy one for as low as $9.99 from CVS in assorted styles and colors.

Does CVS Sell Timex Watches?

There are no Timex watches available in CVS. You can not find them in stores or online.

Does CVS Sell Watch Bands?

Unfortunately, CVS does not sell watch bands.

Although replacement bands used to be a part of the CVS catalog, they have been recently discontinued.

Does CVS Sell Smart Watch?

Yes, CVS does have some options for smartwatches.

From CVS, you can buy Billboard Tracker, Fitbit VERSA 2, and Fitbit SENSE smartwatches.

CVS Smart Watches

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What Other Stores Sell Watches?

Other than CVS, you can buy watches from Walmart, Target, Costco, Publix, Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, and Sam’s Club.

Another excellent way to buy watches is to go to a brand’s official outlet. You can go to Rolex, Hublot, or Casio stores to explore the wide collection.

Some jewelry stores are also known for having a huge variety of watches. These may include Howard Frum Jewelers, Kay Jewelers, Razny Jewelers, etc.

Final Words

And that’s all you need to know about buying watches from CVS. In short, CVS does have a decent collection.

But, as you may expect, buying watches from a pharmacy store may have some cons. For instance, the variety isn’t that broad, and not many familiar brands are available.

Hence, you are left with two options. Either go to your nearest supermarket, such as Walmart, Target, or Costco. Or, you can go to a dedicated watch store to view more options.

In both ways, you would also have to adjust your budget accordingly. That’s because their options might be significantly more expensive than you see at CVS.

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