Does CVS Sell Socks in 2023? (Types, Size + More)

Does CVS Sell Socks

Socks can serve as excellent protection for your feet. For people who wear shoes all the time, socks must be one of the daily requirements. Are you searching for a local store for socks? You must have thought about CVS.

If you are one of those wondering that does CVS sell socks, here we are to answer your questions.

Does CVS Sell Socks?

Yes, CVS sells socks for both men and women, which you can find in the clothing accessories section. They sell all kinds of socks for yourself according to your needs for daily usage.

Does CVS Sell Compression Socks?

If your doctor has advised you to wear compression socks, you can always purchase them from CVS. CVS has a massive collection of compressive socks for men and women.

Compression socks can help you significantly reduce discomfort and swelling in your legs.

It is also known to enhance the blood flow in your lower leg through its gentle squeezing action.

Does CVS Sell Dress Socks?

Yes, CVS keeps various dress socks for men and women in their stores. The Dress socks are known to be super soft and have sole cushioning that looks great with fashionable pants.

CVS also provides free shipping for dress socks, so you can now simply order them online without worrying about the shipping charges.

Does CVS Sell Diabetic Socks?

Yes, CVS makes sure that people needing special foot care can get diabetic socks from any local CVS store.

Diabetic socks available at CVS are designed to keep the feet comfortable.

The non-binding top in the diabetic comfort socks ensures smooth blood circulation, which keeps the toes in favorable condition.

How Many Hours a Day Should You Wear Compression Socks?

The time you should keep wearing compression socks is based on your need.

You can wear it in the morning when getting dressed and keep wearing it the whole day.

However, if you feel irritation or redness on your skin from wearing it too long, you can just wear it for a few hours a day.

If you want, you can also wear it for 24 hours, including sleeping time. You must always talk to your doctor for proper guidance regarding your body’s needs.

Does CVS Sell Ankle Compression Socks?

Yes, if you need ankle compression socks, you can purchase them from CVS in the foot and ankle braces section.

Ankle compression socks are great for healing swollen ankles and ankle pain.

Just like regular compression socks, these boost blood circulation and have many other health benefits.

Does CVS Sell Baby Socks?

Yes, CVS has all the clothing stuff available for babies. You can buy cute baby socks along with other baby clothing and accessories from CVS in deals as well at great prices.

How Do I Know What Size of Compression Socks to Get?

To determine the size of compression socks for yourself, you must take your lower leg measurements.

  • Measure the broadest part of your calf.
  • Measure the circumference of your angle. You can consider the smallest part of your ankle above the ankle bone.
  • See your shoe size.

Once you are ready with these measurements, you can look at the compression socks size chart and compare the sizes to find the right one.

Does CVS Sell Stockings?

Yes, from the pantyhose section, you can buy stockings for yourself. There are different sizes and designs available. Black stockings are also available in great variety for black lovers.

Note that CVS offers free shipping for stockings, so no worries about the shipping charges when ordering online.

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Final Thoughts

Whenever you need socks, CVS can be your place as it has all kinds of socks available.

We hope this guide was helpful for you and cleared up all your confusion regarding the types of socks you can get from CVS.

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