Does CVS Sell Newspapers & Magazines? Ultimate Guide

Does Cvs Sell Newspapers & Magazines

Do you like to stay updated with the world in an old-fashioned way? The chances are that you read the newspaper daily.

Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to buy the latest papers. With the rise of technology, most retailers have stopped keeping newspapers.

That leads to people going to their nearest pharmacy stores. In this category, CVS is an unmatched name. But does CVS sell newspapers?

Let’s dig in!

Does CVS Sell Newspapers?

Yes, CVS does sell newspapers. You will find local and state-level papers at CVS stores. However, they will vary from state to state.

Don’t worry, as these newspapers are sold throughout the day. You can still catch up from your nearest CVS store even if you miss your morning reading.

They start selling papers from the opening time (7 AM) to closing hours (10 PM).

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What Type of Newspaper Does CVS Sell?

CVS has all most local and state newspapers. They also have national-level papers, such as The Washington Post.

Their state newspapers vary from state to state. You will find, The Denver Post, The Seattle Times, or Chicago Tribune, based on your address.

You will also find newspapers about specific subjects, including current affairs, political conditions, the stock market, etc.

CVS also has a variety of magazines as well as coupon advertisement newspapers.

Does CVS Sell Magazines?

Yes, CVS does sell magazines and books in its stores. They also keep the latest releases.

Currently, you can find Allrecipes, National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, Time Distribution, and People Magazines.

You can also order these magazines online from Instacart and deliver them to your doorstep.

CVS Magazines

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What Type of Magazines Does CVS Sell?

CVS has many magazines in its stores and online, ranging in various genres. These include sports, current affairs, lifestyle, food, and health magazines.

You can also buy books and reader’s digests from CVS. In addition, they also have children’s magazines, such as coloring booklets.

Where to Find Newspaper in CVS?

All the newspapers and magazines are available on the rack near the cash register.

The place may vary in stores. In that case, you can ask an employee where the newspapers are kept.

Does CVS Sell Previous Week’s Newspaper?

Most commonly, no. That’s because employees at CVS stock up on the latest newspapers every week. While at it, they take out the old ones at putting them in the stockroom.

Finding the previous week’s newspapers in busier CVS stores can be impossible. They do not have them in the stockroom either.

However, some stores do keep the last week’s papers somewhere in the store.


And that’s all to know about newspapers at CVS. So, does CVS sell newspapers? Yes, it does.

It sells more than just papers. You will find local as well as national newspapers in stores. On top of that, it also stocks on latest magazines and books.

For a reader, CVS can be the perfect place to collect materials.

If you like to keep updated with the news, CVS can save the day. They get new papers weekly, so you will never run out of news.

Generally, newspapers cost around $2 – $3, depending on the manufacturer. Some might cost more than others. But one thing is common. You will find most of them in CVS stores and online.

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