List of Gift Cards at CVS (Types, Price & FAQs)

Does CVS Sell Gift Cards

Are you trying to revisit the trend of physical gift cards this year? Gift cards can be an appropriate gift for birthdays, Christmas, or any other special occasion when you don’t know what gift to buy. But from where can you get it?

If you are thinking about buying gift cards from a local store, then CVS must have come to your mind making you wonder does CVS sell gift cards.

No worries. We have got you all covered. In this guide, we will be discussing different gift cards at CVS.

Does CVS Sell Gift Cards in 2023?

Yes, CVS keeps a massive variety of gift cards in various categories. People who have bought gift cards from CVS have absolutely loved them!

At CVS, you can buy both plastic and digital gift cards. The complete collection of gift cards is divided into categories such as:

  • Department Stores
  • Clothing Stores
  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Outdoors and Sporting goods
  • Electronics
  • Kids
  • Restaurant
  • Movies, Music, Gaming, and Applications
  • Cinema
  • House and Garden
  • Leisure and Travel
  • Other gift cards

Each category has different gift cards you can choose from per your preference. In addition, you may also love to know whether Walmart sells Gift Cards or whether Ikea sells Gift Cards.

Does CVS Sell Gift Cards for Target?

People love target gift cards as you can buy almost anything from a target store with them.

According to Target, CVS is among those 10,000 places where target gift cards are sold. They distribute their gift cards to CVS, making CVS one of the significant retailers of target gift cards.

The gift cards at CVS are usually worth $25 to $100. You can get multipacks or even open denomination cards. The variety of target gift cards at all CVS stores is different.

It largely depends on the distributor and the location of the store.

Does CVS Sell Gift Cards for Amazon?

Yes, CVS also keeps Amazon gift cards in their store as of 2023.

Luckily CVS does not charge any purchase fee for gift cards. You will just need to pay the denomination amount.

The four different denominations include

  • $15
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100

Note that you would not find CVS selling gift cards for Amazon online. Also, according to their return policy, they do not let the customers return their gift cards.

Does CVS Sell Steam Gift Cards?

Yes, among its vast collection of gift cards, CVS also has steam gift cards available at their stores nationwide.

Steam cards can be great for game lovers as they can buy you games, in-game content, and other downloadable stuff from steam. You can purchase steam cards for $20, $30, $50, or $100 at CVS.

Note that these are physical steam cards. If you go for a digital steam card, you would only find it directly on the steams website.

Does CVS Sell Ulta Gift Cards?

No, unfortunately, CVS does not sell Ulta gift cards.

If you go to CVS to buy an Ulta gift card, you will have to settle for some other brands’ gift cards. The pharmacy giant might be famous for selling third-party gift cards, but Ulta is not one of them.

CVS and Ulta are competitors and sell identical products in their stores. This makes the reason for CVS not to sell Ulta gift cards.

Does CVS Sell Hobby Lobby Gift Cards?

No, hobby lobby gift cards are only available at hobby lobby in-store and online. No other store, including CVS, sells its gift cards.

So if you plan to buy any hobby lobby gift card, make sure to head on to their website.

How Much Does CVS Charge for Gift Cards?

CVS has different prices for various gift cards, ranging from $2.95 to $6.95.

Luckily you do not have to pay any additional purchasing fee for third-party gift cards.

However, most prepaid and loadable gift cards from Visa, Mastercard, and American Express require an activation fee ranging from $2 to $6.

Does CVS Sell Visa Gift Cards

Does CVS Have Visa Gift Cards?

Yes, you can always buy a visa gift card from CVS if you have difficulty deciding to buy any specific type of card.

The visa gift cards are loadable and can be used anywhere.

Does CVS Sell Vanilla Visa Gift Cards?

Yes, CVS sells vanilla visa gift cards as well. You can find them in the prepaid cards section in any CVS store.

You can purchase a vanilla visa gift card from $10 to $500. There is no additional fee. To activate it, you must go to the cash register and pay the amount you want in your account.

Does CVS Have Starbucks Gift Cards?

Yes, CVS does sell Starbucks gift cards.

You can also go to a Starbucks retail store if you want a physical Starbucks gift card. Starbucks also lets you keep any custom amount ranging from $5 to $10 in your gift card when you purchase it.

Does CVS Have QVC Gift Cards?

Yes, CVS does offer physical QVC gift cards in their stores.

These gift cards usually cost from $25 to $ 50. It can be a perfect gift for your loved ones on special occasions.

Do Visa Gift Cards Charge a Fee?

Yes, a fee is charged on all visa cards according to their value. Gift cards worth $10 to $74.99 have a fee of $2.96.

Similarly, cards worth $75 and above to $149.99 charge a fee of $3.95.

Final Thoughts

Gift cards can be a thoughtful and practical present for any occasion. But the availability of different types of gift cards at different stores can often make the selection process overwhelming.

Fortunately, CVS offers a vast collection of gift cards from various categories, including fashion, electronics, restaurants, and much more.

From Amazon to Visa and even Steam, you can find a wide range of gift cards at CVS without worrying about any purchase fee.

So next time you are thinking about getting a gift card, head to your nearest CVS store and check out their extensive collection to find the perfect present for your loved ones!

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