Does CVS Sell Boxes? (Queries About Boxes)

Shipping can either go smoothly or very wrong. The same can be said for moving, storing, and packaging.

All of these tasks depend on the quality of your boxes. If you have good packaging materials, you are all set. Otherwise, things can go sideways real quick.

Most people prefer to buy boxes from pharmacy stores. That’s because these are accessible to the majority. In terms of pharmacy store chains, CVS is a giant. So, does CVS sell boxes? Let’s dig in!

Does CVS Sell Boxes?

Yes, CVS does sell boxes. You can buy corrugated boxes in various sizes. Generally, you will find Caliber boxes at CVS. It is a reliable brand for packaging materials.

Does CVS Sell Boxes

Does CVS Sell Moving Boxes?

Yes, you can buy moving boxes from CVS. All the boxes are available in kraft and corrugated materials. CVS also keeps all packaging essentials, such as tape and sealed envelopes.

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Does CVS Sell Shipping Boxes?

Yes, CVS has quite a few decent options for shipping boxes. These are available in different sizes and materials.

Currently, CVS has Caliber shipping boxes available in 14 in. x 14 in. and 12 in. x 12 in. sizes. Other than that, you can also buy some smaller and bigger corrugate and kraft paper boxes.

CVS Shipping Boxes

Does CVS Sell Gift Boxes?

Unfortunately, CVS does not sell gift boxes or gift wrapping.

You can buy these items from your nearest Walgreens. If you have gift wrapping, you can buy packaging supplies from CVS.

Does CVS Sell Litter Boxes?

Yes, CVS does sell litter boxes in its stores.

Currently, they have only one option available. It is a large cat litter pan for $8.99. Note that this one and most other litter boxes are only available for in-store purchases.

Does CVS Have Cardboard Boxes?

As of yet, CVS does not have cardboard boxes.

The boxes at CVS are generally made of corrugate. If you do not know about corrugated boxes, do not worry.

These are simply made of multiple layers consisting of paper. Some corrugated boxes do contain a portion of cardboard, but not entirely.

Does CVS Have Juice Boxes?

Yes, CVS does have some juice boxes in its stores.

Commonly, CVS sells Honest Kids Super Fruit Punch juice. One box contains about 8 pouches. You can also find other juice boxes. But, as of July 2022, there are not many options.


Buying boxes from CVS can be very convenient. Most people have a CVS location nearby, making it more accessible. Moreover, you can also buy some products online.

Many shipping boxes and packaging supplies are available for delivery. At the same time, some items are limited to in-store shopping, such as litter pans.

As for juice boxes, CVS does stock newer options as well. You can also buy fruit juice, kid’s drinks, and water bottles from CVS stores.

That said, you will not find a wide variety of boxes at a pharmacy store. So, considering CVS’ scale and products, it has a pretty decent selection.

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