Does CVS Sell Balloons? (Types & More Queries)

Looking to buy some things from a store to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion?

When you go to the store, there are so many things that you can buy. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to get, especially when you are at CVS.

But Does CVS sell Balloons? If yes, what could be the prices? This blog post is here to help you determine the types of balloons and their prices at CVS. Read on to have the best birthday party ever!

Does CVS Sell Balloons?

Yes, CVS sells balloons. You can find them in the household section of the store, and you can order them online. The delivery is free if your order is above $35.

They have various colors and styles, so you’re sure to find one that matches your party theme. CVS has a wide range of balloons like:

  • Helium balloons
  • Birthday balloons
  • Party balloons
  • Water bomb balloons
  • Punch ball balloons and more

The price of the average pack of balloons starts at $1 and goes up.

Does CVS Sell Balloons

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Does CVS Sell Helium Balloons?

Yes, CVS does have helium balloons. You can find them in the party supplies section of the household department.

They have various colors and styles, so you’re sure to find one that matches your party theme.

The price of a helium balloon starts at $2 per balloon. However, the price may vary depending on the size and style of the balloon.

CVS also offers discounts on helium balloons if you purchase them in bulk. So, if you need a lot of balloons for your party, it’s worth checking out their bulk prices.

Does CVS Sell Water Balloons?

CVS Balloons

Yes, CVS houses water balloons. They are pretty easy to find in the household department.

They sell water balloons by Unique. The price per pack of the water balloon is $1.59.

However, the availability varies area-wise. For example, currently, they don’t sell water balloons on Centreville Rd.

Similarly, the shipping and the pick-up are also limited in some areas. Give them a call to know more.

Does CVS Fill Helium Balloons?

Yes, CVS does fill helium balloons. They have their own in-store inflation service.

There are no charges for balloon filling as long as you buy it from them because they include the inflation cost in the purchase.

However, they may charge a small fee if you bring in your own balloon. This also depends on the area manager of the sore. Some CVS stores do not inflate balloons if you haven’t bought them from their store.

Apart from CVS, Walmart also blows up balloons, which is quite popular regarding this service.

Does CVS Sell Party Balloons?

Yes, CVS does sell party balloons.

Unique and Omni Party sell the party balloons at CVS. The price usually varies but starts at around $1.59 per pack. The large pack is sold at $3.49.

CVS also has a variety of other party supplies, such as decorations and tableware.

If you’re looking for something specific, check the store’s inventory online before heading over.

What Other Types of Balloons Does CVS sell?

When I visited CVS last month, I saw latex balloons in various colors and sizes, as well as foil balloons in various shapes and designs.

CVS also has balloon bouquets available for purchase. While some CVS stores may carry other types of novelty balloons, such as bubble balloons or shaped balloons, I couldn’t find them. Thus, their availability varies from store to store

To be sure of what types of balloons are currently being offered at your local CVS, it would be best to call or visit the store and speak with a staff member.

Also, read our following blogs to know more about balloons availability:

How Much Are Balloons at CVS?

Prices for balloons at CVS vary depending on the size and type of balloon. Most balloons are priced between $1 and $3.

For example, the price of a neon punch balloon is $2.09, while that of squawker balloons is $1.99 per pack.

You can usually find a variety of sizes and colors to choose from. CVS also offers a variety of discounts on their balloon prices, so be sure to check their website or in-store signs for the latest deals.

Does CVS Make Balloons?

No, CVS does not make balloons. In fact, they get their balloons from third-party retailers like Unique and Omega.

Plus, their balloons are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last hours. So, you can vouch for their quality.

Does CVS sell Party Supplies?

CVS stores do indeed carry a variety of party supplies.

This includes paper hats, cups, plates, streamers, party poppers, cake candles, birthday confetti, and festive table coverings.

In addition to these items, CVS also carries products from the Omni Party brand. As a large pharmacy and retail chain, it’s not surprising that CVS offers a selection of party supplies to meet the needs of its customers.

Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a baby shower, or any other celebration, it’s worth checking out your local CVS store to see if they have the supplies you need to make your event a success.

Bottom Line

CVS is a great place to shop for balloons and party supplies for any special occasion. They offer a wide range of options, including helium balloons, water balloons, party balloons, and more.

Prices for balloons at CVS start at around $1 and go up depending on the size and type.

The store also offers discounts on their balloon prices, so be sure to check for the latest deals. In addition, CVS also blows up Helium balloons for free if you buy them from their store.

The store also has a variety of party decorations and tableware to choose from. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or any other special occasion, CVS has you covered.

So, next time you need balloons or party supplies, be sure to check out CVS.

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