Does Costco Take EBT/ Food Stamps? & How To Use?

Does Costco Take EBT Food Stamps

Yes, Costco does take EBT cards for eligible items. It is an authorized retail chain that can accept food stamps as a payment method.

My friend tried this option at many Costco warehouses. So far, we have only seen acceptance for EBT cards. You can use this method at all warehouses as of 2023.

EBT cards can be very helpful, especially for needy families. You can also apply for the program if you feel like you deserve it.

Note the net income household should be below or at the poverty level. That said, let’s dig deeper into the subject of food stamps and Costco.

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What Can I Buy at Costco With EBT?

You can buy all the household essentials with EBT at Costco. That includes fruits, vegetables, canned food, snacks, poultry, dairy products, non-alcoholic beverages, cereals, and seeds. 

EBT has even better benefits than Costco. That’s because the warehouse chain also has food courts. You can use EBT cards to buy your favorite foods. The only thing to consider is that this payment method is not eligible for hot food items.

We bought many exciting items with EBT at Costco. Some names include Kirkland coffee, Tropicana juice, Kellog’s Eggo waffles, low-fat yogurt, mini snack white cheddar cheese, pop tarts, and ground beef patties.

These, and many other items, fall into the eligibility criteria of the SNAP program.

How Do You Use EBT at Costco?

You can use an EBT card as a payment method by presenting it during the checkout at a Costco warehouse.

The first thing to do is to sort your items. Make sure the SNAP-eligible items are separate from others. It will speed up the process during checkout. After that, follow the steps below:

  • Present your card to the cashier and pay with it like any other card.
  • Now, pay for the rest of your order.
  • Take the receipt, and you are all set!
How to use EBT at Costco

When Did Costco Start Accepting EBT?

Costco has been accepting EBT as a payment method since October 28, 2009.

Note that Costco is an authorized chain for SNAP. It can take EBT cards as a payment method. Now, it is accepted at all Costco warehouses. Plus, you can also use it at food courts for eligible products.

How to Use EBT for Costco Online?

Unfortunately, Costco does not take EBT as a payment method online on its website or mobile application.

Yes, that means you can not order online from Costco with your EBT cards. However, that is the case with many stores. Not all retailers take this option online. Mostly, it is accepted for in-store purchases.

On the bright side, Costco takes EBT in all of its warehouses. It accepts credit cards, ATM cards, and Costco shop cards for online purchases.

Does Costco Take EBT Cards for Gas?

No, you can not use EBT cards at Costco gas stations.

It is important to consider the eligible SNAP products. And gas is not one of them. That is why Costco is not authorized to sell fuel for EBT cards. Additionally, this payment method does not work on Costco car wash either.

Does Costco Take EBT for Delivery?

No, Costco does not take EBT for home delivery.

As mentioned earlier, EBT is not accepted online on the Costco app or website. The only way to use it is in-store shopping.

Does Costco Food Court Take EBT Cards?

Yes, you can use an EBT card at Costco food courts. We have tried it to buy some of our favorite foods, and it has always worked like a charm.

However, there’s one thing to remember. You can only use EBT cards to buy prepared food items. That’s because the SNAP guidelines do not allow buying items that are hot at the point of sale.

So, what can you buy? Well, you can purchase prepared pizzas, hot dogs, sandwiches, etc. Plus, you can also get energy and soft drinks as long as they do not contain alcohol.

Does Costco Take Food Stamps?

Does Costco take Food Stamps

Yes, you can use food stamps at Costco, but only for in-store purchases.

The store only allows the use of food stamps in its warehouses. All of them accept this as a payment method. However, that’s it. You can not use food stamps online at Costco.

Does Costco Take Food Stamps in Texas?

Yes, Costco does accept food stamps in Texas as of 2022. We have used this option at various warehouses in the state.

Costco accepts EBT all across the US. However, state laws may differ. You can use this option at all the Costco warehouses in Texas.

Does Costco Accept EBT in California?

Yes, EBT is an accepted payment method at Costco in California.

EBT cards are accepted at all Costco warehouses in California. However, the rules of the state may vary from other states. You have to consider them before using food stamps as a payment method.

What Are the Benefits of Using Food Stamps at Costco?

You can buy all the household essentials as well as your favorite food items using EBT at Costco.

The biggest benefit of EBT is that it helps low-income households. It enables them to buy food and household supplies. This way, you can cross one item from your monthly list.

The SNAP participants can access all the healthy food available at Costco food courts as long as it follows the eligibility criteria provided by the USDA.

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To Wrap Up

Let’s go back to our original question. Does Costco take EBT and food stamps? Yes, it does. The popular warehouse chain does accept this payment method.

However, it is only taken for in-store purchases. It is still very beneficial. You can use EBT cards at all Costco warehouses and food courts to buy SNAP-eligible items.

Another benefit is that this payment method is easy and convenient to use. All you need is to present it at the checkout terminal, and you are good to enjoy your favorite food items!

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