Does Costco Take Discover Cards? What Items You Can Buy?

Discover cards are among the most popular ones. Almost every major retailer accepts them.

If a store takes credit cards, they are highly likely to accept Discover as a payment method. And that brings us to one of the biggest retail chains, Costco.

People often wonder, does Costco take Discover cards? If they do, how can you use them? Here is everything you need to know!

Does Costco Take Discover Cards?

Does Costco take Discover Cards

Yes, Costco does take Discover cards as a payment method, but only for online purchases. That means you can not use these credit cards when shopping in-store at Costco.

Costco has an exclusive partnership with Visa. That is why they do not allow other credit card companies for in-store purchases.

However, you can use all the other options at Costco online. That includes Discover and MasterCard.

You can not use Discover cards at Costco gas stations, either. The store has its own credit card. It is called The Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi. You can use it online, in-store, and at gas stations.

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How Do You Use Discover Card at Costco?

You can use a Discover card when shopping online at Costco by selecting it during the checkout screen.

Paying with a Discover card is the same as using any other credit card. However, this option only works for Costco online. Once you have added items to your cart, here’s how to use your Discover card:

  • Go to the checkout screen.
  • Select Discover as the payment method.
  • Enter your PIN and confirm payment.
  • Wait until you see the confirmation screen.

You will be redirected to another screen when the payment is made. This method works for all credit cards at Costco online.

How to Use Discover Card for Costco Online?

You can use your Discover card for Costco online by selecting it as the payment method for your order.

We have explained how you can use Discover for online shopping at Costco. All you need is to select it as your payment method. Enter the required information, and wait for the confirmation. And you are all good to go!

Using Discover Card at Costco

What Items Can You Buy From Costco Using Discover Card?

There are no limitations on what you can buy with Discover cards at Costco. We were able to buy all items available at Costco online.

Note that Costco does now allow Discover cards in its stores. But you can use it to buy all the items listed on the store’s website. That includes groceries, clothing, food, household essentials, etc.

For many, it can be a drawback. That’s because some items can be seen as out of stock at Costco online. But it can also be seen as an advantage.

The store has all the available items listed on the website, whereas in-store stock varies depending on the location.

Can You Use Coupons at Costco With Discover Card?

No, you can not use coupons at Costco with Discover cards. We tried this option, but it did not work.

It is important to consider that coupons are not widely accepted at Costco. The store has its own promotions and offers.

You can avail of them via Costco Membership. However, these are used separately. You can not pair them with other payment methods, like the Discover card.

Is Using a Discover Card at Costco Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use your Discover card as a payment method at Costco.

They are one of the biggest credit card companies. It is only behind the 3 major names: American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

Hence, it is safe to think that it is a secure payment method. Discover does not have any security issues that could result in an issue.

Discover is a reliable company that upgrades its security protocols regularly. You can trust and use it at Costco without any hesitation.

Does Costco Allow Discover Cards for Special Promotions?

You can avail of special promotions from the Costco application if you have a membership. The app allows you to pay with Discover as well.

Costco offers special promotions and discounts to its members. You can access them by getting your membership.

The store will notify you of any new updates via email. Then, you can avail of those offers from your Costco application.

You will need a payment method to make a purchase. And that is where Discover comes in. Since it is available for Costco online, it can work with special promotions.

Can You Earn Cashback With Discover Card for Costco Purchases?

Unfortunately, there are no cashback rewards on shopping with Discover cards at Costco. We only found these rewards on Visa credit cards.

Costco allows you to use Discover for online purchases. But do not expect any cashback rewards. They are not available with this payment method.

That said, Costco does offer cashback on Visa credit cards. You can shop with them and get up to 5% cashback. For bigger orders, it can be quite helpful.

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To Wrap Up

Hopefully, this guide clears all your doubts about Discover cards at Costco. The store does accept this payment method. But it can only be used online.

Unlike Visa, you can not use your Discover card to shop in-store at Costco. Another thing to consider is that there are no cashback offers currently with this payment method.

You also get top-notch security, online shopping convenience, and better discounts with special promotions. While it has some downsides, Discover is still a competent payment option at the warehouse chain.

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