Does Costco Sell iPhones in 2023? All FAQs Answered

Does Costco Sell iPhones

Costco is known to have a wide selection of items. You can buy furniture, appliances, electronics, jewelry, and more from Costco warehouses. On top of that, the website allows you to make purchases from the comfort of your home.

However, people often ask, does Costco sell iPhones and other Apple products? Let’s find out in this

detailed guide below!

Does Costco Sell iPhones?

Yes, Costco does sell iPhones. However, buying an iPhone from Costco requires signing a contract with the phone carrier. You can sign up for T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, etc.

Costco’s official website is quite helpful for finding the right iPhone. All the models are listed in detail.

Plus, you can navigate through the iPhone (Unlocked) page. It allows you to buy unlocked iPhones that can be used with any carrier.

Even better, Costco allows you to compare iPhone models on its website. You can select up to three models and learn their differences. From the size of the phone to its advanced features, Costco covers everything.

However, it is important to note that you can not buy an iPhone without a contract from Costco. So, you should visit the nearest Costco warehouse and sign a deal to buy an iPhone.

You may also love to know if Costco sells MacBooks or whether Costco sells Apple Watches.

Is Costco Authorized to Sell Apple Products

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Does Costco Sell iPhones in the Warehouse?

You can buy iPhones from Costco warehouses as well as online.

Either way, Costco sells iPhones via Wireless Advocates. It is a third-party company that helps buy in stores and online.

Costco also announces new deals for smartphones. You will find the iPhone prices to be significantly lower than the market.

That’s because the majority of iPhones are locked. That means you will have to sign up with a particular carrier company to unlock the device.

Also, the stock of iPhones varies from Costco warehouse to warehouse. Some stores might have the latest releases, while others may not have them.

So, you will have to visit multiple stores to find the right deal. Or, you can buy from your home via the Costco website.

Is Costco Authorized to Sell Apple Products?

Yes, Costco is an authorized Apple reseller.

It means Apple approves all the Apple products sold at Costco. You can navigate the Costco website or stores to find various Apple products.

Costco sells Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Apple services, and accessories.

That’s because Apple authorizes it. You can buy any Apple product from Costco without worrying about scams or defects.

Moreover, Costco has a separate return policy for Apple products. If you want to return a product, ensure it is a factory reset. Only then can Costco considers the return.

Is Costco Authorized to Sell Apple Products

Is It Better To Buy Apple Products From Costco?

If you are on a tight budget, buying Apple products from Costco can be helpful. You will find that the prices are considerably lower.

Plus, you can also be comfortable ordering an Apple product and receiving it at your home.

At the same time, many people recommend not buying Apple products from Costco. That’s because iPhones are generally locked.

While it may seem cheaper to buy a locked iPhone, the company can easily recover the discounted amount through the contract.

As mentioned earlier, buying Apple products from Costco can be budget-friendly. You can find discounted prices. Additionally, Costco keeps announcing new deals.

Why Is AppleCare Cheaper At Costco?

AppleCare is considerably cheaper than Costco. That’s because of Costco’s policy to buy items in bulk.

Since they have many AppleCare, they can sell them at discounted prices. However, Costco will still manage to make a significant profit.

If that’s not enough, Costco also announces various deals. For instance, you can get a whopping 50% discount on AppleCare on Apple devices that you bought from Costco.

In this deal, you can cover a variety of Apple products. That includes Macs, iPads, Apple Watches, Apple headphones, and MacBooks.

Moreover, most Costco discount deals are for membership holders only. And members have to pay a yearly fee to continue their membership.

So, they can also recover the discounted prices with membership fees.

Do Costco iPhones Come With AppleCare?

Yes, buying iPhones from Costco comes with AppleCare. Costco also includes AppleCare+ for iPad, Mac, Headphones, and Apple Watch.

While scrolling through iPhones on Costco, you can see AppleCare+ mentioned with the product name. It means AppleCare is included with that iPhone.

With AppleCare, you can extend the coverage up to two years for these devices. For Mac, the coverage extends to three years.

This way, you can get the most out of your discounted Apple products from Costco.

Can You Buy AppleCare Separately from Costco?

No, you can not buy AppleCare separately from Costco.

It is mentioned strictly on the website that AppleCare + Protection Plan is not sold separately.

You can get AppleCare for Macs, iPad, Apple headphones, and Apple Watch.

What Do Unlocked iPhones Mean?

An unlocked iPhone means you can use it with different carrier companies. On the other hand, a locked iPhone means it is restricted to a single carrier. 

An unlocked iPhone is definitely more pricey than a locked one. That’s because it allows the user to find and use the carrier that fits their needs.

In contrast, you do not have the same freedom with a locked iPhone.

There are some ways to unlock an iPhone. However, it is recommended to buy an unlocked iPhone as it saves you from the hassles.

Does Costco Sell Unlocked iPhones?

Yes, you can buy locked as well as unlocked iPhones from Costco. Unlocked iPhones from Costco allow you to use them with different carriers.

You can buy an unlocked iPhone from Costco warehouses as well as online. They have a separate page for unlocked iPhones.

In addition to that, you can also read a product description to be sure. Unlocked iPhones have the unlocked tag mentioned along with their names. You can also read the model name, memory, and color.

Does Costco Sell iPhone Chargers?

Yes, Costco does sell iPhone chargers.

Costco has a vast collection of mobile accessories and chargers. You can buy them from a warehouse or website.

Costco has a wide variety of charging solutions. You can buy standard chargers or charging stations.

The best part is that most accessories are also available online. Hence, you do not have to go to a warehouse. You can buy the iPhone charger from the comfort of your home.

Moreover, there are various brands of chargers available. You can shop for Anker, Atomi, Cygnett chargers, and power banks. Charging cables are also available to buy separately.


You can easily buy locked and unlocked iPhones from Costco at surprising prices.

Some are considerably cheaper than the market. But, it is important to note that you will be signing a deal with a carrier. Hence, you will be locked to use only that particular carrier.

On the other hand, spending additional money can help you buy an unlocked iPhone from Costco. It is even better and allows you to use several carriers.

Also, most other Apple products and accessories are available at Costco warehouses and on the website.s

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