Does Costco Sell Glasses? (Price, Quality & More)

Does Costco Sell Glasses

A reliable optical store is hard to find. Thanks to the rise of supermarkets, they are now sold almost everywhere. While not all of them are high-quality retailers, some are.

When it comes to supermarkets and warehouses, Costco is an undefeated name. Over the years, it has only increased its product catalog. But does Costco sell glasses?

Here’s your answer!

Does Costco Sell Glasses?

Yes, Costco does sell glasses. You will find lenses, sunglasses, and reading glasses in Costco Optical. It is available in most locations.

They are selling glasses from various brands. You will also find universal-fit frames designed to suit all face shapes and sizes.

A single vision lens will cost around $60 – $66, while frames are priced between $40 to $60.

You can also take an eye exam, which costs between $75 to $95. The price and availability of optical products may vary from Costco store to store.

Is Costco Eyeglasses Cheaper?

Yes and no. That’s because Costco does sell cheaper eyeglasses and lenses as compared to other expensive stores.

On the other hand, they are slightly costlier than Warby Parker, Zenni, and some other optical retailers.

Additionally, Costco also launches regular discount offers and deals on eyeglasses. People have bought Kirkland Signature optical products with up to 50% off.

Are Costco Eyeglasses Good Quality?

In terms of quality, Costco eyeglasses are quite good. Costco Optical has an A+ grade, meaning all of its products are top-notch.

At the same time, we also have to talk about Costco’s eye exam. In most stores, the exam is conducted with old technologies. Hence, it is not preferable to take an eye exam from Costco.

With that said, you can trust Costco with eyeglasses and lenses.

Does Costco Sell Prescription Glasses?

Yes, Costco does carry prescription glasses. You can order a customized pair and get it ready within 7 days.

Does Costco Sell Reading Glasses?

Yes, you can buy reading glasses from Costco. As of yet, they have 27 products ranging from $18.99 to $24.99.

All reading glasses from Costco are FSA eligible. It means they do not have any side effects on your eyes.

Also, most reading glasses are available for delivery at Costco. You can also compare different products on the official Costco website.

Does Costco Sell Prescription Safety Glasses?

Yes, Costco has prescription safety glasses.

For more information, you can visit your nearest Costco Optical.

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Does Costco Sell Ray-Ban Glasses?

Yes, Costco does have a variety of Ray-Ban glasses.

Currently, all seven of them are limited to Members Only. It means only Costco membership holders can buy these Ray-Ban glasses.

If you are not a fan of Ray-Ban, there are many other brands to explore. You can buy Kirkland Signature, Oakley, Maui Jim, and Saint Laurent sunglasses from Costco stores and online.

Does Costco Sell Sports Glasses?

Yes, you can buy sports glasses from Costco Optical.

They have ski goggles, swim goggles, etc. In addition to that, you will also find some sunglasses that are good for sports, like golf, cricket, etc.


In terms of glasses, Costco has a broad category. Plus, they keep stocking up newer and more in-demand products.

Hence, you can always expect to find what you are looking for. That goes for sunglasses, eyeglasses, lenses, prescription glasses, frames, etc.

If you are unsure of which eyeglasses to buy, you can take an eye exam from Costco. Or, you can bring in your prescription to get customized glasses.

Finding it hard to choose the right frame? Well, you can buy the universal-fit frame from all Costco Optical stores.

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