Does Costco Sell Diapers in 2023? Brands, Price, & More

Diapers are essential for little ones. Whether at home or traveling, you must keep some diapers at your side. But where to buy some high-quality ones?

Well, the answer is grocery stores near you. They sell plenty of brands to choose from. Costco is one of the biggest supermarket chains. So, does Costco sell diapers? Let’s dig in!

Does Costco Sell Diapers

Does Costco Sell Diapers in 2023?

Yes, Costco does sell diapers in its stores and online. Most of them are available for free shipping.

Currently, Costco has 13 different diaper products. These also include baby wipes and training pants. You can view and buy different sizes of diapers from Costco.

What Diaper Brands Does Costco Carry?

Costco has various diaper brands in its stores, including RICO, Huggies, Playtex Baby, Kirkland Signature, and GoodNites.

Costco carries newborn as well as plus-size diapers from all of the mentioned brands.

Costco Diaper Brands

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Are Costco Diapers Cheaper in Store?

Some diapers are considerably cheaper in Costco stores than online.

That’s because they do not include shipping and handling charges. However, many diapers are also available for free shipping on the Costco website.

As a whole, Costco does not sell cheaper diapers than Target or Walmart.

Huggies diapers at Costco are likely to save you some money. Besides that, other diaper brands are slightly costlier at Costco.

Does Costco Sell Newborn Diapers?

Yes, Costco does sell Newborn Diapers in its stores and on its website.

Currently, the most popular option is the Huggies Plus Newborn Diaper Starter Kit.

Other than that, you will also find Kirkland Signature diapers for newborn babies.

Does Costco Sell Honest Diapers?

Yes, you can buy Honest diapers from selected Costco locations. They are not available in all stores.

Honest launched its line of diapers at Costco in 2018. They sell a pack of 4 diapers for $38.99. However, the price and availability may vary from store to store.

Does Costco Sell Overnight Diapers?

Yes, overnight diapers are available for sale in select Costco stores.

Generally, Costco features overnight diapers by Honest. And they are not available at all Costco locations. That is why you may not find them at your nearest store.

Final Words

When it comes to babies, Costco can save the day. It has some of the most popular diaper brands in its stores.

In addition, most of these products can be delivered to your doorstep. So, you do not even have to worry about leaving the house.

Even better, Costco has baby wipes and training pants, among diapers. Many Costco locations also keep overnight diapers in various sizes.

They carry diaper starter kits for babies as well. In short, Costco can be the one-stop shop to buy all the essentials for your little ones!

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