Does Costco Sell Car Batteries? Are They Good?

Does Costco Sell Car Batteries

Costco is an online wholesale store that has a vast array of goods, including car batteries.

So, you decide to get a battery from this store. But, you have plenty of questions related to Costco car batteries. Right?

To answer your questions like “Does Costco sell car batteries?” We have made a guideline only for you.

This guide will not only clear your confusion but also answer your other most burning queries to ensure that you have the right information about your product.

We know your appetite to get your answers is increasing. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Does Costco Sell Car Batteries?

Yes, the Costco store sells car batteries. To our surprise, they have only Interstate car batteries.

Interstate batteries are usually for those who have a tight hand on a budget and want something affordable.

Costco Interstate batteries cover a wide range of vehicles and other appliances like golf carts, cars, trucks, and lawnmowers.

So, yeah, you can have every option customized per your preferences.

Is Costco a good place to buy a car battery

Are Costco Batteries Good?

Yes, Costco stores’ batteries are pretty good because you can get them for as low as $60, which is quite cheaper than other brands. 

Other advantages of Costco batteries are as follow:

  • 36-month limited replacement warranty
  • A wide range of selections for almost every kind of budget and vehicle
  • Long-life batteries
  • Light on pocket
  • Battery lines like AGM provide not only a long life but also durability

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Does Costco Install Car Batteries?

The straightforward answer is no. Though they do sell car batteries, they don’t install them.

Rather, you can buy a car battery from a Costco store at pretty affordable rates and then have it installed by some other experts.

Here, we would like to mention that the only customer service you get at Costco is fuel and tire services. 

However, if you are having too much trouble installing your battery, Costco can help you in one way as they provide a Costco Auto Program that can guide you in the right direction.

You can visit other stores for installing services. For example, AutoZone installs batteries, and they are quite famous in this regard.

Does Costco Test Car Batteries?

Fortunately, Costco does test its batteries, particularly car batteries. 

The cherry on top is that this testing process is totally free of cost. Yes, you heard right.

You can come to Costco Auto Center with your car battery anytime. And they will examine your battery for good.

In case your battery has some troubles, you can have it replaced on the spot. Too easy, isn’t it?

Does Costco Take Old Car Batteries?

Yes, they definitely replace an old battery, though they don’t install batteries. Replacing a battery at Costco is as easy as making noodles.

Just go to any local Costco store in your city and request them to change it.

And, Boom, you are with your replaced battery. You can take home a brand-new battery with only a few extra bucks.

Additionally, you can also go to Costco Auto Center at the main city branch, get your battery tested for free of cost, then get a replacement if the battery is faulty.

Does Costco Recycle Car Batteries?

Yes, Costco does provide the recycling of used and old car batteries. 

Not only car batteries but also golf carts, lawn, marine, automotive, and truck batteries are recycled at Costco.

In fact, 80% of parts of Automotive Costco batteries are made from used materials from those old rotten batteries.

Are Costco Car Batteries Cheaper?

Obviously yes! Costco batteries are quite cheap. In fact, the average price of a car battery at Costco Interstate battery ranges between $60-$110. 

This price is almost $20 cheaper than other brands. And, you know what the best part is? You can get this benefit without compromising on quality.

Does Costco Change Car Battery for Free?

Yes, You can get the replacement/change of a car battery for free of cost if;

  • You have purchased it from Costco
  • It is under the warranty period, and
  • It is used in the recommended or small vehicles

Other than that, you may have to pay a lump sum to change your car battery.

How Long Should a Costco Car Battery Last?

A typical battery at Costco can last for 3 to 5 years and can even exceed this period if you use it as normally as a saint. 

And the best part is that if your battery gets damaged during the time of warranty, which is 36 months, you will be compensated.

Costco states that if you use the battery in a recommended vehicle and it gets defects, then under warranty, you can get the following advantages:

  • Replacement of batteries
  • Refund (Not including taxes and fees)

Do Costco Car Batteries Have a Warranty?

As explained earlier, Costco car batteries are covered under a 36-months limited warranty program.

During that time, you can either get a free battery replacement or a refund of your amount.

Does Costco Sell Car Batteries in Canada?

Yes, Costco sells car batteries in Canada. In fact, they have 831 worldwide stores, and most of them sell car batteries. The store also sells it online.

Does Costco Sell Duracell Car Batteries?

Costco sells Duracell batteries, but these are not meant for car or auto functions. Usually, they have AA Duracell batteries that are used to run different devices.

Other than Duracell, they have Massimo, Kirkland, and Energizer batteries, but only for device or tool usage.


Last but not least, Costco is an online wholesale store that has worldwide stores. They have a lot of things to offer, including car batteries.

Costco batteries are known for their affordability, with prices ranging between $60-$110. Additionally, the offers a 36-month limited replacement warranty, free battery testing, and recycling of used batteries.

Overall, Costco batteries are a good choice for those looking for a quality, budget-friendly option. We suggest you go for Costco car batteries if your preferences are a small budget and good quality.

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