Does Costco Sell Books in 2023? All You Need to Know!

Are you searching for books online and wondering that does Costco sell books? Costco is a wholesale corporation that might not come to your mind for buying books.

So, to help you out with it and clear your queries, we have found everything about books at Costco. Let’s discover!

Does Costco Sell Books

Does Costco Sell Books?

Yes, Costco has a great collection of books that people love for its competitive prices. If you prefer buying books in bulk quantity, Costco can definitely be your place. 

For children’s books, Costco offers the best deals for box sets. And surprisingly, the prices are even lower than on Amazon. So, the next time you need books in bulk, you can consider Costco.

However, you cannot expect the selection of books to be the same as Amazon. Costco does not offer a huge selection of books like Amazon.

Also, you might feel that shopping at some other bookstore is better than from Costco. The nicely arranged piles of books you see at fancy bookstores would not be present at Costco.

So, you will have to deal with indifferent stacks of books loaded randomly. But for low prices, Costco is still worth checking out.

What Types of Books Does Costco Sell?

Costco keeps various types of books such as fiction, non-fiction, baby, and kids’ books. You can search for any book, and you will probably get it.

Usually, the books available at Costco are New York Times Best Sellers. So, you would have access to the best books you can think of.

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What Are the Best-Selling Books at Costco?

There are many bestselling books at Costco that you would also love.

Let’s have a look at the list.

  • Fall From Grace by Danielle Steel
  • Murder, Interrupted by James Petterson
  • Peter Rabit Library boxed sets by Beatrix Potter
  • The Bad Guys in Superbad by Aaron Blabey
  • The Saints of Swallow Hill by Donna Everhart
  • Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts by Matthew Reinhart

Does Costco Sell Fiction Books?

Yes, Costco does sell fiction books.

Numerous standalone and series of fiction books are available at Costco in paperback and hardcover formats at low warehouse prices.

You may also like to know if Amazon sells Used books or whether Walmart sells Comic books.

Costco Fiction Books

Does Costco Sell Paperback Books?

Yes, Costco sells paperback books in its retail stores. Consumers love it for its reasonable price range and the wide variety available in box sets.

Does Costco Sell Kids Books?

Yes, Costco is a great place to buy kids’ books with the best offers.

Kids’ books are mostly available in boxed sets, so you can buy them in bulk once and enjoy reading.

Does Costco Sell Workbooks?

Fortunately, Costco does sell workbooks in its stores.

You can find ArgoPrep maths and science workbooks easily nationwide. Moreover, Costco keeps wipe-clean workbooks to help kids develop basic skills in school.

Does Costco Sell Harry Potter Books?

Yes, Costco also keeps Harry Potter Books for all the Potterheads.

You can buy the complete series as well. Costco also has exclusive illustrated versions of Harry Potter books in box sets.

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Final Thoughts

Costco is a hidden gem for book lovers. With a collection of bestsellers, fiction, non-fiction, kids, and workbooks, there’s something for everyone at competitive prices.

While the bookstore arrangement may not be as charming as a fancy bookstore, the price savings more than makeup for it.

And let’s not forget; you can find exclusive illustrated editions of beloved books like Harry Potter! So, if you’re looking for an affordable way to stock up on your reading list, don’t underestimate Costco’s selection.

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