Does Big Lots Sell Shoes in 2023? All You Need to Know!

Does Big Lots Sell Shoes

Big Lots is one of the biggest American retail chains. It houses a wide variety of products. These may include home & lifestyle, apparel, and furniture. However, Big Lots is also frequently asked about various items.

One of the most asked questions is, do Big Lots sell shoes? Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Does Big Lots Sell Shoes?

Yes, Big Lots sell shoes. As of 2023, they have separate sections for kids, men’s, and women’s footwear.

You will find a wide variety of shoes at Big Lots. Currently, they carry over 290 options to choose from. Most of these shoes are available for same-day delivery as well as in-store pick-up.

You can also opt for the standard delivery option. The Big Lots website makes it easier to buy shoes. You can select the size, delivery option, and payment method, and you are all set!

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What Type of Shoes Do Big Lots Sell?

Big Lots sells slip-on, slippers, sandals, and boat shoes. You can find exciting options in these categories in Big Lots stores and websites.

Generally, Big Lots sell slip-on and slippers. These are widely available for men, women, and kids. However, you will also find boat shoes and sandals.

Big Lots have some popular shoe brands, including Dockers, Disney, Capelli, Lifeguard, RBX, and DF by Dearfoams.

You will also come across theme-based slippers, like Minnie Mouse, Star Wars, Batman, Disney Princess, and Mickey Mouse.

Doe Big Lots Sell Sneakers?

Big Lots does have some sneakers listed on its website or in stores.

Some stores also carry sneakers, specifically for women. In the men’s footwear catalog, there are no sneakers mentioned.

Does Big Lots sell Sneakers

Doe Big Lots Sell Crocs?

Unfortunately, you can not buy Crocs from Big Lots.

What you can buy from Big Lots are comfy and soft slippers. These come in various materials, colors, and designs.

That said, Big Lots does restock kids’ Crocs from time to time. But they are not available as of right now. Slides and slip-on sneakers are widely available in the kid’s footwear category at Big Lots.

Doe Big Lots Sell Women’s Shoes?

Yes, you can buy women’s shoes from Big Lots.

In fact, they have a separate page where you can view all the available women’s footwear options.

What can you expect to see in Big Lots’ women’s footwear section? Well, they carry a huge selection of slippers. Some Big Lots locations may also carry women’s sneakers.

However, they are not commonly available throughout all stores. They also carry socks separately for men and women.

Big Lots Women Shoes

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Do Big Lots Sell Tennis Shoes?

Big Lots do not sell tennis shoes in its stores or online.

As mentioned earlier, slippers are the most popular items in Big Lots’ footwear section. Hence, you will rarely find other types of shoes. 

The store also carries flip-flops as well as water shoes. You can view all the available options on the Big Lots website. But tennis or other sports shoes might not be available at Big Lots.

Do Big Lots Sell Shoes Racks?

Yes, various shoe racks are available at Big Lots. These are categorized based on their size, capacity, and brand.

You can buy 2-tier, 3-tier, and 4-tier shoe racks from Big Lots. More importantly, they are available in different materials.

You can buy ones made of hard metal, while wood-made ones are also available. The prices range from $9 to $20, depending on the size and material.

These are also available on the Big Lots website under the Home Essentials category. Thus, you can buy them online too!

To Conclude

Let’s go back to our original question. Do Big Lots sell shoes? Yes, they do! However, they might not have the widest variety you will expect.

That’s because they have a limited audience for their apparel and footwear products. You will rarely find other options than slippers and flip-flops.

But, if you want to buy such shoes, then good for you! Because Big Lots can be your one-stop shop. You can buy from them online and deliver your favorite shoes to your doorstep.

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