Does Big Lots Sell Paint? (Location, Sales + More)

Are you looking to give your house a new look? The best pay is to opt for high-quality paint. You can choose the color of your choice, depending on your house’s theme.

Another benefit is that good paints do not fade away for a long time. They will continue to maintain their vibrancy even after years.

And that brings us to one of the most popular departmental store chains, Big Lots. People frequently ask, does Big Lots sell paint? Here’s all you need to know!

Does Big Lots Sell Paint?

Yes, Big Lots do sell paint. I visited several locations, but only a few had paint buckets. This product is not as widely available across their stores as some other products.

You will have to visit a couple of Big Lots locations to find the paint of your choice.

Paint is only sold at a few Big Lots locations. It is not listed on the website either. The store does sell a wide range of paint supplies. That may include brushes, painters, rollers, drop clothes, tapes, trays, and complete kits.

That said, finding paint is a bit hard at Big Lots. We only found it at a few locations. Generally, the store buckets from the line “Long Life” by Berger.

Does Big Lots sell Paint

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What Big Lots Location Sell Paint?

Only select Big Lots locations sell paint. We had to visit many locations in order to find a few that were carrying paint.

Big Lots has a wide range of paint essentials. But they rarely carry paint itself. The store has a few locations that sell this product. However, Big Lots usually carry old paint buckets.

These are not recommended. The other ones in their stock were returns. So, it is better to head to other stores such as Walmart or Home Depot to buy paint.

What Paint Brands Do Big Lots Have?

You will only find Berger’s Long Life paints at Big Lots. We found them at some locations, but there is no other brand in the store in this category.

Note that the store only stocks Berger paints in select locations. You will rarely find other brands for this product.

However, they also have a large selection of paint supplies. Various brands are available in this category, including Premier, 3M, GAM, Pxpro, and Turtle Wax.

Paint Brands at Big Lots

Does Big Lots Sell Acrylic Paint?

It can be a bummer to know that Big Lots does not sell Acrylic paint.

The store does have washable paint kits for kids. But we did not find acrylic ones at any of its locations.

Big Lots are not very big on art and craft products. In this category, many other stores are better, like Hobby Lobby. The store only sells a few washable paint sets.

You can also get a set of 25 assorted brushes. But unfortunately, that is all you can buy from the departmental store chain.

Does Paint Go on Sale at Big Lots?

Unfortunately, paint does not go on sale at Big Lots. That’s because it is not a widely available product. Since it is in stock at only a few locations, paint is not part of the sales.  

As mentioned earlier, the store only carries Long Life paints by Berger. Even those are not widely available across all locations. You will not find it listed on the Big Lots website either. That is why it does not go on sale at the store.

Is Paint Free at Big Lots?

No, paint is not free at Big Lots. The store sells paint at some locations. And these are available at affordable prices.

Generally, paints are available at standard prices at Big Lots. They are not any more expensive than other retailers.

In fact, some Big Lots locations sell paint at a lower price because most of them are returns. You will usually find old paint buckets at Big Lots. So they can be bought at affordable prices.

Does Big Lots Sell Gallons of Paint?

No, Big Lots does not sell gallons of paint in its stores or online.

The departmental store has a decent selection of home décor products. Unfortunately, paint is not the most widely available item in this category. You can head to other stores to buy gallons of paint. Walmart is one of the most popular examples.

To Wrap Up

Hopefully, this guide clears all your questions about paint at Big Lots. The product is not widely sold at the popular departmental store chain.

Only a few locations carry buckets that you can buy. It is safe to say that we would recommend other stores to buy paint.

You can contact your nearest Home Depot or Lowe’s store to get a good variety of paint.

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