Does Big Lots Sell Luggage? When it Goes on Sale?

Does Big Lots Sell Luggage

Are you planning a trip? It is good to decide on all the destinations you want to visit. But the first thing is to consider your stuff. Packaging plays an integral role in any trip. Thus, you will need the right luggage for this job.

People frequently head to local store chains to buy bags and suitcases. And that brings us to a frequently asked question. Does Big Lots sell luggage? Let’s find out!

Does Big Lots Sell Luggage?

Yes! Big Lots offers a dedicated section for travel and luggage products, both in-store and online.

You’ll find many options, including suitcases, carry-on bags, hard-side luggage, spinner suitcases, beauty mirrors, travel bottles, dental floss packs, and pouches.

In fact, there are over 100 different products in this category, so you’re sure to find something that meets your needs.

When shopping online at Big Lots, you can even use filters to narrow your search by features such as same-day delivery, pickup, and shipping options.

So whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a longer trip, be sure to check out the luggage selection at Big Lots for affordable and stylish options.

Travel and Luggage Products at big lOTS

What Big Lots Location Sell Luggage?

Luggage and travel products are available at almost all Big Lots locations. We found that the variety differs from store to store, but products were available in all locations.

Note that Big Lots has many locations. And almost all of them carry luggage. You will find different products at different locations. Some stores may also run out of stock. That could mean no luggage at a location.

The convenient way is to contact a Big Lots location beforehand. It lets you inquire about the luggage’s availability without going to the store.

Is Luggage Free at Big Lots?

No, luggage is not free at Big Lots. The prices vary depending on the luggage’s brand, size, and material.

Buying a suitcase, hard-side luggage, or a travel bag is easy. The first thing is to consider the product’s material. It will help you identify the price and durability.

Generally, suitcases and luggage can cost between $44.99 to $84.99. But some heavy-duty options are even more expensive than $84.99. It is better to choose the right size according to your requirements.

What Luggage Brands Do Big Lots Have?

Big Lots features several luggage brands, including Peanuts, INUSA, Cottonelle, Black Onyx, Mirage Falls, and Weekend Traveler.

These brands can also be explored on the Big Lots website. The store carries at least 1 – 2 products by each brand.

You can also view these options at any Big Lots location. However, not every store may carry all brands.

Luggage Brands at Big Lots

Does Big Lots Sell Gift Bags?

Yes, you can buy gift bags from Big Lots. We bought horizontal and vertical bags at affordable prices.

Generally, gift bags come in packs at Big Lots. One pack may contain up to 4 bags. Moreover, each pack follows a specific theme. Most options at Big Lots are Christmas gift bags.

But we also found some other options. They are quite affordable, ranging from $2.99 to $8.59, depending on a pack’s size.

Do Big Lots Sell Sleeping Bags?

Yes, sleeping bags are available at Big Lots for sale. Various types are featured at the store for different seasons.

You will find sleeping bags for autumn, summer, and winter at Big Lots. They are labeled with the temperature they can handle.

The store features several brands in this category, including Coleman and Dream Street. Big Lots also sells sleeping bags for kids in its stores and online.

Do Big Lots Have Large Suitcases?

Yes, Big Lots does have large suitcases up to 20 inches. We tried filling up these suitcases with different weights; some were more efficient than others.

The most popular choice is the Black Onyx suitcase. It has 18.5″L x 10.5″ W x 29.0″H dimensions.

In short, it is hard-sided luggage. It can handle a lot of weight to fit a good amount of your stuff in it.

Big Lots also has a floral spinner. It weighs less than the Black Onyx one and is measured to be 20 inches.

Does Luggage Go on Sale at Big Lots?

Yes, the luggage section does go on sale at Big Lots. Generally, there are no specific dates other than special occasions like Christmas. But you can always expect a price drop on luggage once in a while.

The Big Lots website makes it easy to view on-sale products. All you need is to go to the luggage and travel section. Navigate to filters and open Price Cut.

Checkmark on yes, and it will show you all the products with discounted prices. If you want more products to be on sale, it is better to wait for an occasion. Big Lots does host sales during events.

Luggage Sale at Big Lots

If you’re looking for information on other products sold by Big Lots, check out these links:

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide clears all your doubts about luggage at Big Lots. The popular retail chain carries a wide section of luggage and travel products.

You will find different sizes and types of suitcases. The first thing is to consider your stuff. Try putting it in a suitcase to see how much space it needs.

It will help you pick the right suitcase for your journey. Once you know the right measurements, head to a Big Lots location. Even better, order a suitcase online and get it delivered to your doorstep!

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