Does Big Lots Sell Groceries? & What Not To Buy?

Does Big Lots Sell Groceries

Yes, Big Lots does sell groceries. You can buy condiments, soups, easy meals, beverages, baking essentials, snacks, meal prep supplies, canned foods, sweets, grains, cereals, and healthy foods.

Almost all these products are also available for home delivery via online orders.

Big Lots is one of the biggest departmental store chains. They have different departments for different products. One is dedicated to groceries.

You can shop for household essentials at Big Lots. Let’s learn more about this section in this detailed guide!

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What Big Lots Location Sell Groceries?

All Big Lots locations sell groceries.

This section is available across all locations as we visited several stores. That said, the variety can differ depending on where you live.

Note that not every Big Lots location does not carry the same stock. Many reasons can be behind this. For instance, a store can run out of stock. That could lead to many items missing from a Big Lots location.

However, all Big Lots stores carry groceries. You can find it in the grocery department.

The Big Lots store locator can also help you find your nearest location. Another good idea is to contact a store beforehand to inquire about its grocery stock.

Big Lots Grocery Items

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What Type of Groceries Do Big Lots Have?

Big Lots carry international foods, fresh finds, cereals, grains, baking supplies, cooking essentials, canned foods, coffee, snacks, soups, easy meals, beverages, candies, pasta, and healthy foods.

The Big Lots website can help you in shopping for groceries. It has a separate section for trending products. Currently, the featured ones are candies, treat bags, coffee blends, and Snicker chocolate bars.

You can order all these products online with in-store pickup or free shipping on orders above $59. The store also provides same-day delivery services for a certain fee.

Do Big Lots Have Meat?

Yes, you can buy meat from Big Lots. We found canned meats and snacks in this category at several locations.

The departmental store only sells canned meat. According to the store, it is ready to eat and only requires to be heated.

You can find sardines, corned beef, cooked ham, classic canned meat, chicken breasts, white chicken, sausages, and tuna in this category.

Moreover, the store has a separate section for jerky and meat snacks.

It has over 90 items, including beef jerky sets, hot wild sticks, crumbled bacon, summer sausages, turkey sausages, sliced pepperoni, Italian salami, and more.

Does Big Lots Sell Milk?

Does Big Lots sell milk

Yes, Big Lots has a wide range of milk and cream products. We explored organic, flavored, and evaporated milk cans in this section.

You can find several types of milk at Big Lots. That includes flavored, coconut, evaporated, condensed, unsweetened vanilla, almond, and soy milk.

The store also stocks various cream cans in this section. You will find a table, condensed, and chocolate cream.

Some of the most popular brands are featured in this section, like Polar, Hershey’s, Yoo-Hoo, Blue Diamond, Nestle, La Lechera, Darigold, California Farms, Victor Allen, So Delicious, and Silk.

Does Big Lots Carry Frozen Food?

Yes, frozen foods are available at Big Lots. We found them in the coolers and freezers section at some locations.

It is important to note that coolers and freezers are not available at all Big Lots locations. Hence, you will find frozen foods at select stores.

Some popular brands featured in this category include Red Baron, Gorton’s, Digiorno, Banquet, Totino’s, and Stouffer’s.

Where Does Big Lots Get Their Food?

Big Lots gets its food from Red Baron, Stouffer’s, Totino’s, Banquet, Digiorno, Gorton’s, and many other brands.

Big Lots does not sell hot food in its locations. Hence, they do not get canned and frozen foods from one specific retailer.

Instead, many other brands are featured at the store. You can view all of them at your nearest Big Lots store.

What Not to Buy at Big Lots?

We recommend not buying electrical plugs, office supplies, tools, baby supplies, paint, and clothes from Big Lots.

You can also add hygiene products and medication to the list. Generally, Big Lots do not have a wide variety of these products.

The store only carries a few brands, which might not be convenient for everyone. Buying paint is a big NO from Big Lots.

That’s because only a few locations have this product. The ones that do carry only have a few options. And most of them are old paint or returns.

Many people also prefer not to buy frozen foods from Big Lots. The only reason is that most of them have a nearby expiration date.

If you can utilize them before they expire, there’s nothing to worry about buying frozen foods at Big Lots.

Final Words

We have covered all the necessary information one needs to consider before groceries from Big Lots. Usually, the store has a wide range of these items.

You can go to its separate section and explore all the options. Another method is to shop online via the Big Lots website.

Either way, you can buy groceries from Big Lots at affordable prices. The only thing to check is the expiration date on each product. If it is not close, there’s nothing to worry about at all.

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