Does Big Lots Sell Display Furniture? (Brands+Delivery)

Does Big Lots Sell Display Furniture

Big Lots has various products under its umbrella. The popular retail chain houses groceries, foods, beverages, clothing, and whatnot.

Just like how many wonder about Nordstrom’s furniture collection or the unique furniture at Hobby Lobby, Big Lots is also frequently questioned about its heavier products, specifically furniture.

So, does Big Lots sell display furniture? Here’s the truth!

Does Big Lots Sell Display Furniture

Yes, Big Lots does carry furniture items. They have a wide variety of products, including chairs, desks, and complete sets.

The furniture section at Big Lots consists of beds, dressers, entryway tables, home offices, accents, TV stands, desks, sofas, recliners, and fireplaces.

You can shop according to your requirements at Big Lots. They have separate collections for kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. The good part is that most furniture items are comparatively cheaper at Big Lots.

Additionally, their variety can be compared to Costco’s furniture.

Does Big Lots Have Furniture Delivery?

Yes, Big Lots recently started its delivery service for furniture. It is called BIG! Delivery.

Big Lots offers flat rates on furniture delivery. That means the price will be the same whether you buy 1 piece or more. Similarly, the size or weight of the product does not matter.

All you need is to pay $150 for furniture delivery. This price covers bringing items inside into the desired place, a 30-day return policy, unboxing, and your schedule choice.

How Long Does It Take to Get Big Lots Furniture?

It can take up to 15 days to get the required furniture delivered to your doorstep with Big Lots.

They offer comparatively more flexible scheduling than other stores. Big Lots processes the order within 3 business days.

After that, your furniture is sent to a local delivery center. It can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks (7-14 days) for the order to reach your doorstep.

However, the store contacts the customer once the order has reached the local delivery center. This way, you can clear your schedule and plan a day for delivery.

Does Big Lots Sell Ashley Furniture?

Yes, Ashley’s furniture is available at Big Lots.

You can view all the items under the Signature Design by Ashley section. Currently, there are about 150 items available in this category.

What does Ashley’s furniture include? Well, it covers everything from sofa, dresser, and nightstand to recliner and drawer chest. You will also find loveseats and full-sleeper sofas by Ashley at Big Lots.

Big Lots Ashley Furniture

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Does Big Lots Furniture Come Build?

Most furniture items from Big Lots come built. On the other hand, many others require assembly.

It can be a bummer to know that Big Lots does not offer furniture assembly services. They have recently started a delivery service to help you place the item where you need it in your home.

The store also removes your old items, like mattresses, with white glove delivery. As for assembling furniture, you have to use your skills. Most items come with a manual, making the process quite easy.

Did Big Lots Buy Broyhill Furniture?

Yes, Broyhill furniture is now owned by Big Lots.

Not only that, but the retail chain also offers discounted prices on Broyhill furniture items.

Big Lots acquired the rights to Broyhill Furniture in 2019. The deal also included all other trademarks owned by Broyhill.

Broyhill furniture is targeted to cover a full house. That includes sofas, recliners, tv stands, loveseats, a dresser, coffee tables, ottomans, writing desks, chairs, etc.

As of yet, the store has over 130 products by Broyhill. Most of them are available for shipping as well as in-store pickup.

Is Broyhill Furniture Made of Wood?

Broyhill furniture is not made of 100% wood. It uses medium-quality wood and other materials.

Broyhill Furniture does not use hardwood. For many people, it can be a downer.

However, it is also important to note that Broyhill Furniture is among the lowest-priced companies. Hence, the quality is fine, considering the lower prices.

Does Big Lots Furniture Have a Warranty?

Big Lots offers a 90-day warranty on most of its furniture items. On some items, the warranty period can even be extended to one year.

However, not every furniture item comes with a warranty at Big Lots. It is best to ask for it and review it before buying it.

Most furniture items have a 30-day return policy as well. It is included in the BIG! Delivery services.

To Wrap Up

Let’s go back to our original question. Does Big Lots sell furniture? Yes, it does. The retail chain includes some of the most popular brands, including Broyhill and Ashley.

In fact, it owns Broyhill now. That means you will find more discounted prices on furniture than ever before.

The great part is that the store also offers delivery services for furniture. They can also dispose of your old and useless items.

This way, you do not have to worry about them. Find your desired items and order from the comfort of your home!

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