Does Big Lots Sell Bikes? & At What Locations?

Big Lots is one of the go-to places for hobbyists. While it does not have a wide selection of arts and crafts, the store makes up with its home décor and other product catalogs.

People often ask several questions about the departmental store chain.

One of the most frequently asked questions is, does Big Lots sell bikes? Here’s all you need to know about this subject!

Does Big Lots Sell Bikes?

Does Big Lots Sell Bikes

Yes, Big Lots does sell bikes. Considering it is a departmental store, we saw a decent range in this category. Big Lots has bikes ranging from 12 to 26 inches.

Big Lots has various bikes in its stock. But most of them are for cruising. You will not find a mountain or racing bike at the departmental store chain.

The ones that they have are suitable for people learning how to ride.

You can get bikes for toddlers as well as young adults from a Big Lots store. They also stock some bike-related products at most locations.

What Big Lots Location Sell Bikes?

We found bikes at all Big Lots locations. However, the variety was not the same everywhere.

Bikes are quite popular at Big Lots. They are available at almost all locations. But the stock can vary from store to store. Some locations may not have bikes at all.

That could be because they are out of stock. Another reason could be less or no demand for bikes at some stores. Hence, they do not stock them anymore.

Do Bikes Go on Sale at Big Lots?

Yes, bikes do go on sale at Big Lots. You can view these discounted prices usually at special events.

The discounted prices can be very reasonable. You will find up to 50% discounts at Big Lots. The store hosts various sales throughout the year. Make sure to stay tuned so you will not miss the opportunity.

Big Lots Bikes Sale

Are Bikes Free at Big Lots?

No, bikes are not free at Big Lots. Their prices can vary from store to store. That said, we found them affordable.

Bikes are not free at Big Lots, like any other store. These are among the biggest items in the departmental store chain. So, they obviously hold prices. You can check out the prices at a Big Lots location.

Unfortunately, the bikes’ prices are not mentioned on the Big Lots website. Thus, the only way is to visit a nearby store.

What Bike Brands Do Big Lots Have?

Big Lots carries Margaritaville and Huffy So Sweet bike brands in its stores and online.

The store does not have hundreds of bikes in stock. It only carries a few brands, including the two mentioned above.

Huffy So Sweet and Margaritaville are the only 2 brands widely available in the departmental store chain.

Do Big Lots Have Toddler Bikes?

Yes, you can buy toddler bikes from Big Lots. The store has Paw Patrol and Huffy bikes in various themes.

The variety is different from what’s available at Target Toddler Bikes, which is known to carry a broad range of children’s products.

The toddler bikes at Big Lots range from 12 to 16 inches. You can buy them in different colors. Plus, they are also available in several themes, including Frozen, Princess, and Mouse Pink.

You can also buy similar-themed bike accessories from Big Lots. For instance, they have the Paw Patrol toddler bike helmet. It pairs well with the Paw Patrol bike, which is also available at the departmental store.

Do Big Lots Have Exercise Bikes?

Big Lots Exercise Bikes

Yes, exercise bikes are available at Big Lots for sale. The most popular choice is the Black & Red Echelon EX3 Connect bike.

If you’re exploring more options, places like Costco might have a different variety to offer. Walmart’s exercise bikes are great.

The popular exercise bike is currently on sale at Big Lots. You can get it for $399, while its original price is $799. As of now, the store does not have other exercise bikes.

However, they do have an excellent fitness section with over 60 products. That includes barbell weight, gloves, boxing bags, trampolines, mat tiles, and slam balls.

Do Big Lots Have Margaritaville Bike?

Yes, Big Lots does have Margaritaville bikes in its stores and online. We explored several locations and found two options from the brand.

The first option is the Blue & Green Palm Leaves cruiser, which is currently on sale. You can get it for $119, while its original price is $249.

Another option is the Margaritaville Blue 26” cruiser. Both of these bikes can be viewed on the Big Lots website. They are also available at most locations.

To Wrap Up

Big Lots has a wide range of bikes in its stores. The best part is that they are available across most locations.

You can also order some options online via the Big Lots website. Several brands can be seen in this category.

Big Lots stocks cruiser and exercise bikes. Some options are only limited to toddlers.

The right way to explore all the bikes is to visit your nearest Big Lots location. Such items are better observed in a physical store.

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