Does Big Lots Sell Appliances? (FAQs + More)

We all know how appliance stores can make you feel. You’re standing in a vast warehouse with level-up music playing from the speakers and racks.

Big Lots is a big-box store that sells quality generic products, closeout merchandise, and household goods for less money.

But Does Big Lots Sell Appliances? You have come to the right place. You will find out everything you need in this article – try and read to the end.

Does Big Lots Sell Appliances?

Yes, Big Lots sells a vast collection of appliances. You can find everything from refrigerators to air fryers. The store also carries small appliances like dishwashers and microwaves.

You may even find a variety of specialty appliances like bread makers or slow cookers.

In addition to the wide selection of small kitchen appliances available at Big Lots, you’ll also find plenty of other home items. You can pick up bedding, light fixtures, furniture, and more here!

Does Big Lots Sell Appliances

Does Big Lots Sell Refrigerators?

Yes, Big Lots sells a single refrigerator, Mint Green 6-Can Compact Refrigerator.

This small refrigerator can fit in tight spaces and is perfect for dorm rooms or basements. The compact size makes it easy to store on countertops or cabinets.

Does Big Lots Sell Dryers?

No, Big Lots does not sell dryers.

However, they do sell hair dryers! You can find their portable and travel hair dryers in most stores and online at Big Lots. The store offers hair dryers from Downy, Bounce, and Remington.

You can read our following blogs to find out which stores sell dryers.

Does Big Lots Sell Washers?

No, Big Lots does not sell washers.

However, there are many other places to buy washers. You can buy them online from several retailers, including Amazon and Walmart. Home improvement stores like Home Depot sells Washing machines.

In addition, many home improvement stores sell appliances such as washers and dryers in addition to other items for your home.

Does Big Lots Sell Vacuums?

Yes, Big Lots sells a collection of vacuums.

These vacuums range from corded to cordless and from upright to the canister. The store offers various vacuum brands, including Hoover, Oreck, Dirt Devil, Bissell Swiffer, Mr. Clean, and Eureka.

Big Lots carries both traditional upright and canister vacuums. All of the company’s vacuums are available in various colors and models.

You can find specific models at local stores or online if you want to purchase them in bulk.

Does Big Lots Sell Dishwashers?

No, Big Lots does not sell dishwashers.

You can find great deals at Big Lots, but you’ll need to shop for a dishwasher elsewhere.  You can visit Best Buy or Amazon for an extensive variety of dishwashers.

Does Big Lots Sell Toasters?

Yes, Big Lots sells dishwashers from 2 different brands: Black + Decker and Nostalgia. Both brands offer a small range of products, including portable countertop models.

Big Lots Return Policy

When shopping for appliances, it’s important to consider the warranty or return policy in case something goes wrong with your purchase.

At Big Lots, you can feel confident in your appliance purchases as they offer a 30-day Return Policy from the date of purchase.

Additionally, certain products at Big Lots may also be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, which means that the manufacturer will repair or replace any defective parts within a specific time frame.

Overall, Big Lots provides a range of options for protecting your appliance purchases and ensuring that you are satisfied with your purchase.


As you can see, Big Lots is definitely a store worth checking out if you need some new appliances for your home.

They carry a wide range of products, including refrigerators, air fryers, toasters, microwaves, and more, and they also offer some of the top brands like LG and Samsung.

And with their affordable prices, you can save money while still getting the high-quality appliances you need.

So next time you’re in the market for new home appliances, don’t forget to stop by Big Lots and see what they offer. You might just find exactly what you’re looking for at a great price.

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