Does AutoZone Sell Gas?

Does AutoZone Sell Gas

Nothing is more inconvenient than facing low gas in your vehicle. That is even more frustrating if you have to reach somewhere urgent.

Fuel prices are going high. And during these tough times, people prefer buying gas from trusted retailers.

AutoZone is one of the most reliable automotive retailers. But does AutoZone sell gas?

Let’s find out!

Does AutoZone Sell Gas?

Yes, AutoZone does sell gas. Generally, it is available in cans. Not all AutoZone may carry gasoline cans.  

The store is a huge name for its automotive products. However, it does not offer services like filling gas. You will find gas-related components at AutoZone. That includes fuel tanks, caps, etc.

AutoZone also sells gas treatment as of 2022. You may find gasoline cans at some AutoZone locations. But this product is not available throughout all stores.

Does AutoZone Sell Gas Cans?

Yes, AutoZone does sell gas cans. However, they are only available in some locations as of 2022.

Like every other component, the gas can stock can vary in AutoZone from store to store. T

That said, the retailer does have 1-gal, 2-gal, and 5-gal cans. You will find gasoline cans from brands like Midwest and Scepter Smart.

Does AutoZone Sell Gas Caps?

 Yes, gas caps are available at AutoZone for sale.

Currently, there are more than 200 products available in this category. That includes brands like Rein, Dorman, Motorad, Duralast, ACDelco, and Motorcraft.

Depending on the brand, the prices can range anywhere from $14 to $25. Some gas caps are also available for same-day home delivery.

On the other hand, you can choose the free in-store pick-up for other fuel caps.

Does AutoZone Sell Gas Gift Cards?

Yes, you can buy the AutoZone e-gift card and use it when purchasing anything from AutoZone.

The gift card is available from $10 to $500. Additionally, you can select the option to buy it for yourself or a friend.

The entire process can be completed online. You can also check your AutoZone gift card balance from the retailer’s website.

Many other stores also sell AutoZone gift cards. That includes Kroger, PayPal, Best Buy, Quill, etc.

Does AutoZone Test Fuel Injectors?

Yes, fuel injectors are available at most AutoZone locations.

AutoZone offers an all-in-one fuel pressure test kit. That also includes an injector. You can also buy this product separately. You can also buy loaner injector signal testers from AutoZone.

AutoZone Gas Can Price

Currently, AutoZone has only 3 options in gasoline cans. That includes a 1 gal, 2 gal, and 5 gal gas can.

Their prices are given below:

  • Midwest Can Gasoline Can 1 gal – $19.99
  • Midwest Can EPA Gasoline Can 5 gal – $27.99
  • Scepter Smart Control Gas Can 2 gal – $21.99

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to know about AutoZone and its fuel-related inventory. The automotive retailer has all the products you need. That involves fuel tanks, caps, injectors, cans, and whatnot.

You can also get gas treatment in different quantities. It helps improve your engine, and you will notice a significant difference in your vehicle’s performance.

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