Does AutoZone Sell Batteries in 2023? Ultimate Guide

Does AutoZone Sell Batteries

Batteries can cause issues. It is quite normal. The way you solve this problem matters the most.

Many people prefer to opt for low-quality batteries from a local store as a replacement. Although they may work, they are highly likely to expire within a short time.

The safest bet is to opt for a trusted automotive retailer. And that title has been taken by AutoZone. Does AutoZone sell batteries?

Here’s the truth!

Does AutoZone Sell Batteries?

Yes, AutoZone does sell batteries as of 2023. They have batteries for cars, SUVs, trucks, and all vehicles.

AutoZone features a detailed battery guide on its website if you are confused about which one to buy. They recommend you get your batteries tested first.

Many batteries featured on the AutoZone website are available for home delivery. In fact, some are also eligible for same-day delivery.

Other than that, almost all products can be selected for in-store pickup. You can view batteries by brands, prices, ratings, group size, cramping, and reserve capacity on the AutoZone website.

In addition, you might also love to know if AutoZone Install Batteries or not.

What Type of Batteries Does AutoZone Sell?

AutoZone provides different types of batteries that can fit different types of vehicles and performance requirements. They have an extensive range of batteries that include:

  • Gel Cell
  • Deep Cycle
  • Dry Cell
  • Vave-Regulated

Duralast, Duralast Gold, Econocraft, Odyssey, Optima, and Valucraft are just a few of the brands available at the store. AutoZone can provide recommendations based on your car model and type.

Still, Duralast Gold or Platinum are generally recommended for cars with high energy consumption, Odyssey, and Optima for specialty or extreme performance.

Valucraft and Econocraft are for budget-conscious consumers, and the store also has batteries for motorcycles, marine, lawn and garden work, and RVs.

Does AutoZone Sell Duralast Batteries?

Yes, Duralast batteries are heavily featured in AutoZone stores and online.

Currently, there are about 40 Duralast batteries available at AutoZone. 39 Duralast Gold and 26 Duralast Platinum battery products are listed on the AutoZone website.

It is safe to say the store features various products by the popular brand.

Does AutoZone Take Old Batteries?

Yes, AutoZone emphasizes recycling old batteries. They accept old batteries even if they are not bought from them.

If you are returning a battery bought from AutoZone, that can be done too. Make sure to return the product within 90 days. All you will need is the original purchase receipt, and you are all set.

On the other hand, returning an old battery is even easier. Head to any AutoZone location and hand over the product you want to dispose of.

Does AutoZone Sell Interstate Batteries?

As of 2023, AutoZone does not sell Interstate batteries.

There is no solid reason why the automotive retailer does not carry this battery brand. People claim that AutoZone does not specialize in Interstate batteries.

Regardless of the case, Interstate is not listed on AutoZone’s website either. They carry Duralast, Optima, Odyssey Battery, ACDelco, and Valuecraft batteries.

Does AutoZone Sell Car Batteries?

Absolutely! AutoZone is a one-stop shop for a car, SUVs, and truck batteries.

AutoZone also has charging accessories for vehicles. Their website allows you to narrow down your search for car batteries.

That includes filters like positive terminal location, negative terminal location, cold cranking amperage, BCI group size, rating, and reserve capacity.

AutoZone Car Batteries

Apart from AutoZone, read out about the battery availability in other stores.

Does AutoZone Sell Used Batteries?

No, AutoZone does not sell used batteries. They only keep new products in their stock in all locations and online.

That said, AutoZone can buy a used battery from customers. While the price is not that high, you can dispose of your used batteries for a core credit score at AutoZone. Generally, they offer $10 – $22 in-store credit.

Does AutoZone Sell Exide Batteries?

Unfortunately, AutoZone does not sell Exide batteries.

It is no doubt that Exide is one of the most popular battery brands worldwide.

They launch products in various countries. Although they are not sold at AutoZone, you can buy Exide batteries from the Exide official website.

Many home improvement stores, like Home Depot, also carry Exide batteries. Additionally, you can buy them from Walmart, Amazon, etc.

Does AutoZone Sell Battery Acid?

Yes, AutoZone does sell battery acid for cars as well as motorcycles.

Currently, they only have one option listed in this category. You can buy the East Penn battery acid 1 quart for $9.99.

It is positively reviewed at 4.8 stars out of 5, with 44 reviews. You can select it for home delivery as well as pickup.

Does AutoZone Replace Batteries for Free?

AutoZone can replace batteries for free. The catch is that the battery should be bought from AutoZone.

It is good news for people buying new batteries from AutoZone. They do not have to pay additional charges.

AutoZone also offers free testing of old batteries. They provide free charging, allowing the battery to work again. If not, you can recycle it at AutoZone.

To Wrap Up

And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on batteries at AutoZone. It is no wonder why AutoZone is highly trusted.

The brand sells reliable products for cars, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, etc. Regardless of your product, you can go to AutoZone to find the right battery for it.

They can also help fix your old battery by testing and charging it for no extra cost.

However, they do not sell used batteries or Exide batteries, and they currently only sell one option of Battery acid. They also emphasize recycling old batteries, even if they were not purchased from them.

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