Does AutoZone Install Batteries in 2023? Is it Free?

Does AutoZone Install Batteries

Installing a new battery can be challenging. That is made even more difficult if you have never done that.

One small mistake can damage your battery as well as the vehicle. Therefore, you should take it to an expert if you have no experience.

AutoZone sells batteries, but does AutoZone install batteries too? Here’s the truth!

Does AutoZone Install Batteries?

Yes, AutoZone does install batteries. You can buy and get the batteries installed from a single place.

It is highly recommended to get your battery installed by a professional, especially if you have no experience. And AutoZone can help you with that.

They can also test your old batteries and recharge them. Sometimes, this simple method can bring a dead battery to life.

Does AutoZone Install Batteries for Free?

Surprisingly, AutoZone does install batteries for free.

However, there is a catch. The battery should be bought from AutoZone for free installation. If you have already bought a battery from somewhere else, you will have to pay a certain fee.

Generally, the installation charges depend on the battery type and your vehicle. For instance, the cost may differ for cars, SUVs, motorcycles, trucks, etc.

That said, you can get free installation if you buy the battery from AutoZone.

AutoZone Battery Installation Fee?

The battery installation fee at AutoZone varies, depending on you the battery and vehicle type. It can cost anywhere between $20 to $75.  

It is important to note that AutoZone is also a battery retailer. They sell batteries from $100 to $250. Buying from AutoZone will save you from the installation charges.

The retailer can also take your old battery as core credit. It can be considered as the fee for a new battery installation.

Does AutoZone Test Batteries?

Absolutely! AutoZone is quite popular for testing batteries. They generally do it free of cost, so there’s nothing to worry about.

And that’s not it! AutoZone also recharges a battery for free. It is a method to bring your battery to life.

If that does not work, AutoZone recycles a battery in all locations. So, you do not have to worry about disposing of it.

AutoZone Battery Warranty?

The Duralast battery at AutoZone comes with a 2-year warranty, while a Duralast Gold one can cover 3 years.

Generally, Duralast platinum batteries are more expensive. They have a 3-year warranty.

That’s all there is to know about automotive battery warranties at AutoZone. Other than that, they also have non-automotive batteries.

That includes Power Sport, Marine, and Lawn & Garden batteries. Their warranties can range from 1 month to 3 years.

You can also return any battery to AutoZone within 90 days of purchase. However, you will need your original purchase receipt for this process.

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Does AutoZone Install Batteries at Home?

AutoZone provides customers with multiple options for purchasing and installing a battery.

While they do not offer at-home installation services, they offer the option to purchase a battery online and deliver it to your home in select markets if you spend at least $35.

Alternatively, you can purchase a battery online, pick it up at your local store, and install it by a professional or a DIY mechanic. AutoZone also provides DIY tutorials for those who prefer to install the battery themselves at home.

Does AutoZone Charge Batteries?

Yes, AutoZone does charge batteries in the majority of its locations.

AutoZone can test, charge, and recycle batteries free of cost. So, you have a good chance of making the best of your old batteries.

How Much Does AutoZone Charge to Recharge a Battery?

There are no charges for recharging a battery at AutoZone. All you need is to bring in your faulty batteries.

The professional workers at AutoZone can test almost all batteries. That includes most vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Recharging your battery can have a positive effect. It can help save you money from buying a new battery.

Moreover, buying a new battery can also be quite convenient at AutoZone. That’s because they do not charge an additional installation fee for this service.

Does AutoZone Replace Key Fob Batteries?

Yes, AutoZone does replace key fob batteries.

Their battery replacement and installation service include automotive key blanks, transponder keys, key duplication, and key fobs.

Additionally, AutoZone has a detailed guide on its website regarding key fobs. It explains why it may stop working all of a sudden.

The guide also covers the possible solutions, including a battery replacement. You can also buy key remote batteries from AutoZone. Many people can handle this issue themselves.

Hence, purchase the batteries online and replace them in the comfort of your home.

To Wrap Up

There’s no wonder why AutoZone is one of the biggest automotive retailers and service providers in the country. The company has locations spread throughout the US.

Plus, the convenience of buying parts and batteries online can save a ton of your time. Various products are also available for same-day delivery, making them extra convenient.

Additionally, AutoZone charges batteries, has warranty options on their batteries, and will even replace key fob batteries. However, it is worth noting that the free installation service only applies to batteries purchased from AutoZone.

You can also bring your faulty vehicle to an AutoZone location if you are not an expert. They will inspect and fix the issue for affordable prices.

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