Does Amazon Take Visa Gift Cards? All FAQs Answered

Does Amazon Take Visa Gift Cards

Using a Visa gift card is a convenient payment method. Almost every grocery store and supermarket allow it. But what about e-commerce stores? In this category, Amazon is an unparalleled name.

You will find almost everything on the giant e-commerce store. Plus, it accepts various payment options. But does Amazon take Visa gift cards? Here’s everything you need to know!

Does Amazon Take Visa Gift Cards?

Yes, Amazon does accept Visa gift cards. Generally, Amazon takes prepaid Visa cards to make purchases. However, splitting payments with gift cards is not available on Amazon as of 2023.

To use this payment method, you have to balance the payment with your prepaid Visa gift card balance. Currently, this is the only way you can use this payment option.

That’s because Amazon does not allow splitting a large payment with gift cards and other payment methods.

How Do You Add a Visa Gift Card to Amazon?

You can add a Visa gift card to Amazon by going to “Your Account” and adding the card to your balance.

It is a slightly complicated process. First, you have to go to your account. Then, click on the “Add Gift to Your Balance” option.

After that, tap on “Add Money to Balance.” Now, you will be asked to enter the amount on the Visa gift card.

Once entered, navigate to the option “More Ways to Pay.” Here, you can add the card by entering its information, including the card name, number, and expiration date.

Lastly, enter your address. And your gift card is saved to your account. You can use it to pay the next time you shop from Amazon.

Why Isn’t My Visa Gift Card Working on Amazon?

There are various restrictions on why your Visa gift card may not work on Amazon.

Firstly, Amazon does not allow 3-digit CVV code cards. Secondly, you are not allowed to split the payment with another method.

The only thing to worry about is the second issue. Many users face this problem. It is important to note that Amazon does not support combining Visa gift cards with another payment method, like a credit card.

If you are paying with a Visa gift card, that’s your only option. So, make sure it has enough balance.

Amazon Visa Gift Cards Policy

Where Can I Use Visa Gift Cards?

Generally, Visa gift cards are accepted in all stores. You can use them in almost all physical and online locations.

Some of the biggest stores, including Walmart, Target, Kroger, Amazon, eBay, Whole Foods, Publix, Costco, Walgreens, CVS, Safeway, Best Buy, and Family Dollar, accept Visa gift cards.

The thumb rule is that any place that takes Visa cards also takes Visa gift cards.

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Can You Use Visa Gift Cards on Anything?

Yes, you can use Visa gift cards in physical locations as well as online stores. Many people do not know this, but this payment method works just like a credit card.

Even on Visa’s official website, they have mentioned hundreds of locations that use Visa gift cards.

That includes restaurants, entertainment locations, supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacy stores, clothing, and e-commerce stores.

How to Use a Visa Gift Card on Amazon for Partial Payment?

Unfortunately, you can not use a Visa gift card on Amazon for partial payment. That’s the catch. You have to make the entire payment through this method.

As of 2023, Amazon does not allow combining Visa gift cards with other payment methods. However, some users may have found a trick. While it does not work for everyone, it is worth a try.

First, transfer your Visa gift card balance to your Amazon account balance. Now, you can use that balance to purchase any product with a partial payment.

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How to Add Vanilla Visa Gift Card to Amazon?

You have to go to Manage Payment Options and enter Vanilla Visa gift card details to add it on Amazon.

Here’s how it is done. First, head to “Your Account” and then “Manage Payment Options.”

Now, enter the balance on your Vanilla Visa gift card in the “Enter an amount” section. You will be asked to select a card.

Enter the required information and your home address, and you are good to go! Next time you shop from Amazon, you can use this newly added Vanilla Visa gift card for payment.

To Wrap Up

Needless to say, Amazon has made it easier to pay for shopping. You can use another payment method if one is unavailable. Plus, most of them are pretty popular.

Then, there are the most convenient methods. These include Visa gift cards. They work almost the same as your credit card. You can add them to your account and use them for shopping.

Visa gift cards can be used for Amazon as well as Amazon Fresh. Hence, you can buy fresh groceries with maximum convenience. Does it get any better?

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