Does Amazon Take Discover in 2023? All FAQs Answered

Does Amazon Take Discover

There’s no doubt that Amazon is a powerhouse in online shopping. And they have many payment options to ease their customers.

But does Amazon take Discover? The verdict seems to be split. Let’s take a closer look at how Amazon and Discover compare.

Does Amazon Take Discover?

Yes, Amazon does accept Discover. It is a payment network used to make transactions both in-store and online. It is accepted at millions of locations worldwide.

You can use your Discover card to purchase items on Amazon by selecting it as your payment method at checkout.

Additionally, check out our blogs to know whether Costco accepts DIscover or if you can use Discover cards at Walmart.

Is a Discover Card a Good Card?

A Discover Card is not a bad option to have.

It is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a card with low negative feedback and excellent customer service.

One of the most significant advantages of the Card is that it doesn’t charge an annual fee, unlike many other popular credit cards.

Additionally, Discover often offers cash-back rewards on purchases. It also gives purchase protection benefits that help you recover if something you buy is damaged or stolen.

What is the Max Limit on a Discover Card?

Discover Card doesn’t disclose its maximum limit. Some cardholders had credit limits of up to $9,200.

The only thing we could find on their website was: “There is no preset spending limit on your account.”

Your credit access line is based in part on your credit history. An upgrade to higher lines of credit may require you to have held the account for at least 8 months.

So it looks like there’s no set limit as long as you have a good history with them.

How Often Does Discover Raise Your Credit Limit?

There’s no set time frame for Discover to raise your credit limit.

They usually review 6 months after you open your account, but it could vary depending on your spending and repayment habits.

You can also request to increase your limit by calling their customer service. They’ll tell you what your current limit is and whether there are any opportunities for an increase.

Remember that it’s essential to keep track of your credit utilization ratio to maintain a healthy credit score.

Try not to use more than 30% of your total available credit at any time.

What is a Good Credit Limit?

A reasonable credit limit varies depending on your creditworthiness and financial situation.

If a person has a lot of income and very low debt, even a credit limit of $30,000+ will be okay.

However, most experts recommend having a credit limit of at least $500-$1,000. This will give you enough room to make purchases without putting yourself at too much financial risk.

Of course, the higher your credit limit, the better it is. But only if you’re confident that you can manage your finances responsibly and stick to your budget.

Using DIscover card at Amazon

Where is the Discover Card Not Accepted?

Costco is one big name that doesn’t accept Discover cards for in-store purchases. Similarly, some restaurants, especially chain ones, may not take this card.

Some franchises of Subway and Burger King have reported that they have rejected this card. You can contact the customer service of any place to know whether they accept Discover cards or not.

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Final Verdict:

If you’re thinking of using your Discover card on Amazon, you’re in luck because they accept it.

The Discover card stands out for its commendable customer service and no annual fee. While it’s widely accepted, there are notable exceptions, like Costco and certain restaurant chains.

Your credit limit with Discover may vary, but it’s crucial to manage it responsibly. And if ever unsure about its acceptance at a particular location, a call to customer service is always a good move. Happy shopping!

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