Does Amazon Take Apple Pay in 2023& How to Use It?

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay

Amazon is easily the biggest e-commerce website. But what makes it stand out among all of its competitors? It has the largest library of all products.

You will find variety in almost every category. Moreover, Amazon accepts several payment methods.

But, one payment method is more frequently questioned than all others. People wonder does Amazon take Apple Pay.

Let’s find out the answer to this question!

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay?

As of 2023, you can use Apple Pay as a payment method during checkout.

You can also use Apple cards saved in your digital wallet. But Apple Pay itself is considered a digital wallet. Hence, it is a good alternative.

Note that you will need to fulfill all requirements of Apple Pay to get the certification. After that, you can integrate it with Amazon Payment services.

However, it also depends on vendors. Some may allow Apple Pay, while others would not. Therefore, it is best first to check which vendor allows which digital wallet.

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How Do I Use Apple Pay on Amazon?

Using Apple Pay on Amazon is quite simple. All you need is to add it to Your Payments and enter the developer card information.

So, let’s talk about your first time paying with Apple Pay on Amazon. Firstly, you’ll need to make a certified Apple Pay account.

After that, it’s time for integration with Amazon. You can do it by navigating to your account and then to Your Payments.

You can add your Apple Pay by entering the card information. Once it is added, make sure to save it. Now, you can also set it as the default payment method.

That means every new order now will be paid via Apple Pay. And you are all set!

Does Apple Pay Work With Amazon?

Yes, Apple Pay does work with Amazon. It is a recent feature added to the giant e-commerce store.

If we look back a couple of years, Amazon didn’t accept Apple Pay. It could only work with Apple Cards. Luckily, now it does take this payment option.

Can You Use Apple Pay at ATM?

Absolutely! Apple Pay can be used at most ATMs. However, it is important to consider that the ATM should be cardless compatible.

Apple Pay is one of the few services that can get you cash from an ATM without a debit or credit card.

Yes, you do not have to insert your card into the reader. Many other digital wallets can be used at ATMs.

How Do I Withdraw Money From Apple Pay?

You can withdraw money from Apple Pay by selecting the desired amount and clicking on Instant Transfer.

Here are complete steps on how to do it:

  • First, open the app on your smartphone.
  • Select the card you wish to use.
  • Position your phone over the ATM symbol and confirm with your Touch ID.
  • Lastly, enter your ATM PIN.

Another way is to transfer your money to another debit card first. After that, you can withdraw cash as regular cards.

Can You Move Apple Pay Money to Cash App?

Yes, you can transfer money from Apple Pay to Cash App, but not directly.

That’s because Apple Pay is quite limited in terms of functionality. It does not allow users to transfer money or link to another account.

Hence, you will have to take the long road. First, transfer money from Apple Pay to a bank account.

Then, transfer from the bank account to Cash App. While it may seem long, the process doesn’t even take a couple of minutes.

Using Apple Pay at Amazon

Can I Send Money From Apple Pay to PayPal?

Unfortunately, you can not send money from Apple Pay to PayPal.

This discussion is posted on Apple’s official website. And an official has concluded that this feature is not available yet.

You can still use PayPal as a payment method with an Apple ID. It can be pretty convenient in many situations.

Can You Send Money From Apple Pay to Google Pay?

You can not send money directly from Apple Pay to Google Pay.

That’s because both companies are competitors and do not feature each other names as payment methods.

However, third-party services, like Paysend Global Transfer, can help send money from Apple Pay to Google Pay.

You can also use the long route in this situation. That includes sending the amount to a bank account or a third-party tool that allows Apple Pay or Google Pay.

After that, you can transfer to the desired platform. Again, it would only take a few seconds to complete this task.

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And that’s all you need to know about Apple Pay. It is easily one of the most popular payment methods in the world. That’s mainly due to a trusted brand name attached to it.

It also helps Apple Pay become mainstream, appealing to a wider audience. Moreover, it is pretty convenient, considering you can pay Amazon with it.

You can also use Apple Pay to transfer and withdraw money. While many other payment apps do not allow using it directly, the indirect method is still very simple.

In a few steps, you can move your cash from one wallet to another.

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