Does Amazon Sell Stamps? (Price, Types & More)

Does Amazon Sell Stamps

Postage stamps are a bit difficult to find. Although many supermarkets carry them, they are not available in a wide variety. Hence, you will find only 1 or 2 types of stamps in most places.

Luckily, many online retailers are also selling postage stamps. In this category, the first name that pops up is definitely Amazon. So, does Amazon sell stamps? Let’s find out!

Does Amazon Sell Stamps in 2023?

Yes, Amazon does sell stamps. In fact, the variety of postage stamps at Amazon is comparatively higher than most other retailers.

As of 2023, Amazon shows over 1,000 results for postage stamps. These start from $25 and go as high as $200. Most Amazon stamps are not available as single. You have to buy a booklet or roll of 20 or more stamps.

Apart from regular, you might also want to know if Amazon takes Food Stamps or not.

Are Stamps on Amazon Real?

Absolutely. Most stamps you see on Amazon are legit.

Like every eCommerce website, Amazon is also a victim of scammers. Thus, many fraudulent stamp sellers were banned as Amazon restricted its policy in 2020. Now, the website is more regulated than ever.

In short, most stamps sold on Amazon are real and safe.

Why Are Stamps So Expensive on Amazon?

Amazon buys these stamps from USPS. Moreover, free shipping also adds to the price of some products, including stamps.

The price difference between USPS and Amazon stamps is around $8. USPS sells its stamps for $12, whereas Amazon sells them for $20.

But, if you buy multiple items, you will find almost no difference in the price. Not to forget the convenience of receiving stamps at your doorstep.

Does Amazon Sell USPS Stamps?

Yes, Amazon does sell USPS (United States Postal Service) stamps.

Currently, Amazon has USPS flags, garden beauty, love 2022, espresso drinks, military working dogs, and many other stamps for sale.

Does Amazon Sell Forever Stamps?

Yes, you can buy Forever stamps from Amazon.

These also include USPS Forever stamps. You will find them in a booklet or sheet of 20, 40, and 100 stamps.

Does Amazon sell Forever Stamps

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Can Postage Stamps Be Bought Online at Amazon?

Yes, you can buy postage stamps online from Amazon and have them delivered to your doorstep within 3-5 business days.

The buying process for stamps is similar to every other product. All you need is to search for “stamps” or a specific type.

Once you see all the options, select one and add it to your cart. From your cart, you can proceed to checkout.

You will get the stamp the next day if you are an Amazon Prime member. On the other hand, regular customers will receive their order anytime within a week.

What is the Cheapest Place to Buy Stamps?

Buying directly from USPS can be quite cheap. Staples, OfficeMax, and other office supplies retailers sell stamps at low prices.

You can also buy USPS and Forever stamps from grocery stores like Walmart.

Generally, they sell booklets or rolls of multiple stamps at reasonable prices. But buying directly from USPS and gas stations is the cheapest option.

Final Words

Amazon does sell stamps, among hundreds of other products. You can explore all the options in postage stamps currently available.

The biggest benefit of buying from Amazon is home delivery. That plays an even bigger role if you are a part of the Amazon Prime membership.

Nothing beats the happiness of receiving your ordered items as soon as the next day. Another benefit is that Amazon has comparatively more stamps than grocery stores or gas stations.

That goes for the size of the stock as well as the variety. You can also find theme-specific postage stamps online from Amazon. What’s better than that?

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