Does Amazon Sell Cars in 2023? Best Alternatives

With everything being available online, we are truly used to buying stuff with one click. Amazon has everything from A to Z, but does Amazon sell cars?

If you need a car and wondering if you can also buy a car from Amazon, you have landed in the right place. In this guide, you will get answers to all your questions regarding cars on Amazon.

Does Amazon Sell Cars?

No, Amazon does not sell cars or any other vehicles that need to be registered. This might be disappointing for you if you were planning to buy a car from Amazon.

However, Amazon allows its customers to buy automotive parts and similar products for their vehicles that are legal to be sold online.

Does Amazon Sell Cars

Will Amazon Ever Sell Cars?

Well, we must say that it does not seem to happen any time soon. In multiple U.S. states, some franchise laws are made to protect car dealerships.

Due to that, it is practically impossible for Amazon to sell cars online at the moment.

But if in the coming years, more car buying elements move online, Amazon can potentially serve as a great car dealer brokering the sales for its buyers.

Read our below detailed articles to know which places actually sell cars.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Sell Cars?

Amazon is a huge company that primarily sells digital products and stuff for everyday use, but cars do not come on its list.

Dealing with cars is not that simple. In the U.S., franchise laws regarding car dealerships do not allow the sale of cars online.

Moreover, this requires partnerships with manufacturers, which they may be hesitant to do so.

Did Amazon Ever Sell Cars?

No, Amazon never sold cars in the U.S.

However, in 2016, the automobile company Fiat sold cars in Italy with discounts in partnership with Amazon.

Does Amazon Sell Car Parts?

Yes, Amazon has a wide range of car parts available for all old and new cars.

Amazon’s website has featured many categories, such as brake systems, body & trim, fuel systems, filters, ignition parts, exhaust & emissions, and more.

You can pick the category of the car part you want and get the desired products.

To make it simple for you, Amazon lets its customer add their vehicle to its virtual garage by entering the name and model of the car.

Once you do it, you will get filtered results with products suitable to your vehicle.

Amazon Car Accessories

Does Amazon Sell Car Batteries?

Yes, Amazon does sell car batteries.

There are various batteries with different features from some top featured brands like Odyssey Battery, Renogy, Bosch Automotive, and ACDelco.

By entering your car in Amazon’s garage, you can order your car battery according to your car model.

Amazon car batteries

Does Amazon Sell Car Rims?

Yes, you can buy car rims for your tire from Amazon.

To simplify things, Amazon lets its consumers search for car rims according to their vehicle or tire size.

There is a massive variety of car rims with different designs, colors, and sizes available so buyers can get them as per their requirements.

Does Amazon Sell Car Engines?

No, Amazon does not sell whole car engines.

However, you can buy Engine Parts, Engine Management Systems, Engine Kit Products, and some related stuff like air filters, cleaning guns, cleaning wipes, etc., for your car engine.

Does Amazon Sell Car Insurance?

Previously, Amazon was not offering car insurance in the U.S. or U.K. but to drivers based in India.

Amazon has recently announced that they would soon be selling car insurance in partnership with Acko General Insurance Company.

It is said that Amazon would set up an online process for policyholders to buy a car insurance policy. And, in no time, customers would be able to purchase car insurance from Amazon.

Does Amazon Sell Car Tires?

Yes, Amazon offers car tires to meet your vehicle’s needs at everyday low prices.

You can buy tires of different featured brands according to your vehicle model or tire size.

Does Amazon Have Car Rentals?

Yes, Amazon does have car rentals.

They have amazing deals with luxury cars to offer. If you are an Amazon customer, you will get a discount of up to 30% on base rates.

Moreover, 10% of your rental will get into your gift card once your rental is done.


Your desire to conveniently click and buy a car on Amazon might not be a reality just yet due to regulatory limitations. However, there are still a lot of automotive accessories and parts at your disposal.

From car batteries to rims, you have a wide selection of products tailored for your specific model with the help of Amazon’s virtual garage feature.

While Amazon may not offer entire engines, engine parts, and maintenance accessories are available. On top of that, if you’re in India, Amazon’s innovative strides into car insurance could be beneficial.

If a new car isn’t what you’re after but rather a temporary ride, Amazon’s enticing car rental deals offer noteworthy discounts and benefits.

So, while Amazon might not be your go-to for a new set of wheels quite yet, it’s certainly a hub for many of your automotive needs.

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