Does Albertsons Sell Stamps? Forever, Postage, & More

Does Albertsons Sell Stamps

Albertsons is one of the biggest grocery store companies in the US. It has over 2,253 locations. The store sells various products besides groceries.

People often go to Albertsons for postage supplies. And the most crucial product in this category is a stamp.

Does Albertsons sell stamps? Here’s everything you need to know regarding this matter.

Does Albertsons Sell Stamps?

Yes, Albertsons does sell stamps as of 2023. You can buy booklets of Forever stamps in stores.

Not all Albertsons stores have the same variety of products. You can inquire about that beforehand by contacting your nearest location.

The information can be achieved by entering your location in the Albertsons Store Locator.

It is also important to note that Albertsons only sell stamps in stores. You can not buy this product online like groceries.

Does Albertsons sell Postage Stamps?

Yes, Albertsons does sell postage stamps.

You can purchase them in the form of books or sheets at any of their nearby stores. However, it’s worth noting that individual stamps may not be available.

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Albertsons Stamps Collection

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How to Buy Stamps From Albertsons?

You have to visit an Albertsons store during its operating hours (6 AM to 12 AM) to buy stamps.

Here’s how to buy stamps from Albertsons:

  • Go to an Albertson’s location from 6 AM to 12 (Monday to Friday).
  • Choose a booklet of stamps at the customer service or registration desk.
  • Take it to the checkout in the store.
  • Choose a payment method, and you are all set.

Where to Find Albertsons Stores?

You can find an Albertsons store by using its locator.

Albertsons operates under several banners. These include Market Street, Carrs, Amigos, Vons, Shaw’s, Safeway, Pewel-Osco, Kings Food Markets, Tom Thumb, Start Market, and Pak ‘n Save.

The store locator helps you find an Albertson’s location near you. So, you do not have to go far.

About Albertsons

Albertsons was founded in Boise, Idaho. It is still headquartered in the same region. The grocery store company has over 2,250 stores and 270,000 employees.

With these numbers, it is the second-largest supermarket chain in North America, followed by Kroger. Albertsons has been expanding since the 1980s. It went bankrupt and sold many stores to SuperValue.

But, it took its rights back in 2006. Albertsons operates under various banners to promote its brand.

Does Albertsons Offer Other Postal Services?

Yes, Albertsons offers other postal services than just stamps. It is one of the new authorized USPS retailers.

The supermarket chain offers metered mail and Certified Mail. You can get postage stamps and request receipts at Albertsons. It is a one-stop shop for all USPS-related services.

You can use Albertsons as a shipment destination. All of its stores also offer tracking services.

How Much is a Book of Stamps at Albertsons?

Albertsons is an authorized USPS retailer, which means it sells stamps at the same price as USPS. You can buy a booklet of stamps for $11.60.

Note that Albertsons does not have a wide variety of stamps. Most of its locations carry Forever stamps. These are widely available in all stores as they do not expire.

But the benefit is that Albertsons does not sell stamps at a higher price, like most other retailers.

Can I Purchase a Single Stamp at Albertsons?

Unfortunately, you can not buy a single stamp at Albertsons as of 2023.

The supermarket chain only offers booklets of stamps. These can be picked up from the cashier’s desk.

Final Thoughts

Albertsons has a wide variety of products. While it may not have a huge collection of stamps, you can get the essentials. These are enough to fulfill your needs.

You can buy booklets of Forever stamps from Albertsons. Stack them at your home as they do not expire. This way, you do not have to worry about buying stamps anytime soon.

When buying stamps from Albertsons, you can also buy all the groceries you need. This simple tip can save you another trip!

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