Does Albertsons Sell Money Orders? Do They Cash Them?

Albertsons is a one-stop shop for all your necessities. You can get all the household essentials and more under one roof.

That is why many people opt for Albertsons. Along with products, they also offer services.

That leads to one of the most frequently asked questions about the supermarket chain. Does Albertsons sell money orders? Let’s find out.

Does Albertsons Sell Money Orders?

As of 2023, you can buy money orders from most Albertsons locations. But the supermarket chain does not cash money orders.

As we mentioned, most Albertsons locations offer this service. The ones with a finance department generally carry this item.

You can contact your nearest supermarket to inquire whether they sell money orders or not.

Albertsons accepts various payment methods for money orders, including debit cards, cash, and credit cards. They sell their orders via MoneyGram.

Does Albertsons Sell Money Orders

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What is Albertsons Money Order Limit?

The money order limit at Albertsons is $500.

While money orders may not be available at all Albertsons locations, their limit is the same. You can not send a money order exceeding $500. If you wish to do, you will need to buy multiple orders.

Let’s say you want to send a money order of $1,500. You will need to get 3 money orders and send $500 with each.

Where Do I Send a Money Order at Albertsons?

Money orders are available at the customer service desk or the checkout at Albertsons.

Some bigger supermarkets have a dedicated finance department. You will find money orders, Western Union, and other services here.

But the smaller stores offer these services at the customer service or cashier’s desk. You can ask an employee to guide you in the right direction.

Does Albertsons Charge a Fee to Send a Money Order?

Yes, Albertsons charges a fee of $0.89 on money orders.

You have to pay this fee when buying the money order from Albertsons. Note that the charges may vary from store to store. This fee is not part of the prepaid money order.

However, there’s no reason to be surprised. All grocery stores and banks charge a fee on money orders due to their immediate service.

What Do I Need to Get a Money Order?

You will need your address, the desired amount, and the recipient’s name to get a money order.

After buying a money order, you have to fill it out. It asks for some necessary information, including your address, the recipient’s name, and the amount you want to enter.

Lastly, you will need a suitable payment method. Now, payment options vary from place to place. Albertsons accepts cash, debit & credit cards.

Will Albertsons Be Able to Track My Money Order When I Send It?

Unfortunately, Albertsons might not be able to help you in tracking your money order.

Most grocery stores are not authorized to track money orders. You can contact Western Union for this service. Their toll-free number is (800) 999-9660.

They will tell you all you need to know. However, Western Union will require some information, including the tracking number. It is better to keep a copy of your money order close by.

Albertsons Money Order Hours?

Albertsons Opening Hours

Albertsons offers money orders during its regular timings. You can get this service from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Monday to Friday).

Generally, the hours may vary depending on your location. Most Albertsons supermarkets offer money orders during their regular grocery hours.  Some locations close this service at around 9-10 PM for security reasons.

It is better to contact your nearest Albertsons locations to inquire about their timing, as some departments close earlier than others.

To Wrap Up

And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on Albertsons and money orders. The supermarket chain does offer this service.

But do not expect to cash or track money orders in the grocery store. Only banks and Western Union are capable of these services. You can contact them from your home or visit a nearby location.

Is your nearest Albertsons supermarket not selling money orders? There’s nothing to worry about.

Many grocery stores, including Kroger, Ingles, Smith’s, Vons, Walmart, Wegmans, Publix, Safeway, ShopRite, and Shaw’s, offer this service.

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