Does Albertsons Sell Ice in 2023? (Locations + More)

Ice is essential in summer. It serves as a key ingredient in smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream, and almost every cool recipe.

If you want to beat the heat, it is a good idea always to have some ice in your fridge. But what if you run out of it?

There’s still no need to worry. You can still head to a supermarket and buy ice. In grocery stores, Albertsons is an unparalleled chain. But does Albertsons sell ice? Let’s find out!

Does Albertsons Sell Ice in 2023?

Yes, Albertsons does sell ice. I visited the store and did find a few options, although the variety is not as wide as one may expect.

Albertsons has only a few available options under the ice category. But it is good enough to get you through summer. They have Party and Reddy brands of ice.

Currently, the store has 3 options to choose from. All of them are vegan, fat-free, sugar-conscious, and sodium-conscious.

The home delivery option is also available on the ice at Albertsons. If that’s not feasible, you can opt for pickup.

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Does Albertsons Sell Ice

Where Can I Find Ice at Albertsons?

I found ice in the cooler section at Albertsons. But the placement can vary depending on your location.

Some Albertsons stores are bigger than others. Hence, they have a separate section for coolers. You will find ice there.

If not, you can ask for it at the customer service desk. Some stores keep ice in the back of the store, along with dry ice.

How Much is Ice at Albertsons?

The prices can differ depending on the weight of an ice pack. A standard 7-lb pack of Reddy packaged ice costs $1.99.

If you calculate the price for one pound, you will find it to be approximately $0.28. A 10-lb pack is available for $2.50. But it is block ice.

Usually, the prices of ice do not depend on the brand name. That can be seen at Albertsons. The prices of both Reddy and Party are the same for a 7-lb pack.

On the other hand, dry ice is comparatively more expensive. It can cost up to $1.49 per lb instead of $0.28 per lb.

Does Albertsons Have Block Ice?

Yes, block ice is available for sale at Albertsons.

You can get the 10-lb pack of block ice for $2.50. That means it costs $0.25 per pound. It is available for home delivery as well as in-store pickup. The availability can vary from store to store.

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Do Ice Blocks Last Longer Than Cubes?

Yes, it has been proven that ice blocks last longer than ice cubes. It is recommended to use large blocks of ice as they melt slower.

The larger the size means, the lesser effect from the outside air. It is the main cause of melting an ice piece. Cubed ice has a smaller inner core. Plus, its smaller size allows it to have a comparatively shorter lifespan.

On the other hand, ice blocks have less area exposure to the environment. It helps in keeping the block longer without melting.

Does Albertsons Sell Ice Cream Cakes?

Yes, Albertsons has a wide variety of ice cream cakes. I looked in the section and found almost all the beloved flavors one can expect.

There is a separate section for ice cream cakes at Albertsons. You will find pies, brownies, cupcakes, and cakes in this category.

The prices range from $17.99 to $29.99. In this section, you will find brands like Signature Select, Two-bite, and CSM Bakery.

Besides bakery ice cream cakes, Albertsons carries the most beloved My/Mo Mochi cakes. These are available in several flavors, including cookies & cream,  sweet mango, ripe strawberry, green tea, and vanilla bean.

To Wrap Up

When it comes to keeping cool during the summer, Albertsons has got you covered.

Not only does it offer a variety of ice options, such as Party and Reddy brands, but it also provides home delivery and in-store pickup for convenience.

Additionally, Albertsons also offers home delivery and in-store pickup options, making it convenient for customers.

So, next time you’re out of ice and need to beat the heat, head over to Albertsons, pick up some ice, and also treat yourself to an ice cream cake,

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