Does Albertsons Sell Flowers in 2023? Types+Price

Does Albertsons Sell Flowers

Are you looking to buy colorful and fresh flowers? They make the perfect present for family, friends, and loved ones.

Finding the right blooms can be difficult. Most small stores only carry a few options. The good choice is to opt for a supermarket.

Albertsons is one of the biggest grocery store chains. So does Albertsons sell flowers? Here’s the truth!

Does Albertsons Sell Flowers?

Yes, Albertsons does sell flowers. Currently, Albertsons has more than 250 flowers. You can buy Lillies, Roses, Lavenders, Sunflowers, Orchids, Daisies, and mini pots.

They also sell blooms in packs and bouquets. You can choose from 5 to 12 counts in one bouquet.

The flowers are available in different variations. For instance, you will find pink, white, and red roses. Lillies of different types can also be found. That includes Hydrangea, Poetic Love, and Gift Grand.

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Albertsons Floral Department Hours

The floral department hours at Albertsons are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Monday to Sunday).

Note that the floral department closes at 6:00 PM. Its timing is not the same as Albertsons grocery hours.

The overall supermarket closes at 11:00 PM. However, the schedule can vary depending on your location.

It is better to contact your nearby location beforehand. They will guide you with the correct hours for each department.

Does Albertsons Deliver Flowers

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Does Albertsons Deliver Flowers?

Yes, you can order flowers online from Albertsons and have them delivered to your doorstep.

The supermarket offers delivery on most of its items, including flowers. You can order any bloom from the store’s website. Here’s how to do that:

  • Sign in to your Albertsons account on the website.
  • Add any flower to your cart.
  • Complete the checkout method by providing the necessary information.

You can also select the same-day delivery option when ordering flowers from Albertsons.

How Much Do Flowers Cost at Albertsons?

The prices at Albertsons vary depending on the type and quantity of flowers. For instance, a Debi Lilly Hydrangea pack of 5 blooms costs $7.99.

On the other hand, a bouquet of 12 Pink Roses costs $12.99. White roses are available at the same price. The prices also differ on the arrangement of flowers. Debi Lilly Perfect Gift Grand comes for $19.99.

Are Albertsons Flowers Fresh?

Yes, Albertsons offers fresh flowers in its supermarkets and online.

The good part is that you can opt for the same-day delivery option when buying flowers from Albertsons. It allows the supermarket to deliver you blooms in their freshest forms.

You will find many seasonal and exotic flowers at Albertsons. Besides fresh blooms, the store also carries some artificial flowers. These work well as home décor.

How Long Do Real Flowers Last in the Fridge?

Real and fresh flower bouquets can last anywhere from 5-12 days in the fridge.

The lifespan of flowers depends on various factors. First and foremost, how long ago were the blooms cut? If it has been a few days already, you can minus those days from the shelf life.

Another factor that affects a flower’s lifespan is the provided environment. The ideal temperature for blooms is 33° to 40°F. Moreover, the fridge’s other items, like vegetables, can shorten a flower’s lifespan.


And that’s all there is to know about Albertsons and its floral department. Hopefully, this guide will answer all your questions regarding this matter.

Albertsons is a great option for purchasing fresh and colorful flowers. With over 250 different options to choose from and the added convenience of same-day delivery, Albertsons is a reliable option for all your flower needs.

You can buy various flowers from the supermarket chain. The supermarket has competitive prices compared to other big retail chains.

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