Does Albertsons Sell Firewood in 2023? Brands+Cost

Does Albertsons Sell Firewood

Are you looking to buy firewood? Although winter has not yet arrived, it might be good to stock this item this season.

The prices for firewood skyrocket during peak cold weather. Even supermarkets run out of their stock.

When it comes to supermarkets, only a few chains can match the level of Albertsons. They sell all the household essentials. But does Albertsons sell firewood? Let’s dig in!

Does Albertsons Sell Firewood?

Yes, Albertsons does sell firewood in most of its stores. You can also buy it online from the store’s website.

Firewood is present under the Fire Logs section of Albertsons. And that is a sub-section of Fire & BBQ Needs.

The store has over 10 products available in this category. Most of them are from familiar brands like Signature Select and Pine Mountain.

Besides fire logs, you can get bbq pellets. These are good for starting a fire and come in different types.

Albertsons Firewood

Where Can I Find Firewood at Albertsons?

You can find firewood in the Fire Logs & BBQ Needs Department at Albertsons.

The Fire Logs & BBQ Needs is a sub-department of Paper, Cleaning & Home. You can find its separate aisle in an Albertson’s supermarket. The section is also present on the store’s website.

Furthermore, the website allows you to search for firewood by brand and price.

Besides Albertsons, here are our detailed blogs on Firewood at Lowe’s, Home Depot Firewoods, and Firewood at 711.

How Much is Firewood at Albertsons?

The price of firewood depends on its pack size and brand. A common hot wood firewood bundle seasoned 0.7 cu. Ft. costs $5.99 for each log.

The Prem Seasoned firewood is comparatively cheaper. You can get them for $5.99 each. A more cost-friendly option is the Pine Mountain Firelogs 2-hour Classic fire.

It is the smallest size that creates the least intense fire. You can buy this one for only $3.49.

Are Firewood Ashes Good for Plants?

Yes, firewood ashes are good for plants as they contain various nutrients. Many gardeners use it on their soil to boost the plants’ growth.

Firewood or any wood ash contains up to 20% calcium. It is one of the most nutritious ingredients for a plant.

The remaining part of the ash contains Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Sulfur. All of these elements are beneficial for a garden’s growth.

However, it is recommended never to use the ash of treated wood. It is processed with various chemicals. The result can be very harmful to your plants.

Are Firewood Prices Going Up?

Yes, firewood prices are going up.

It can be observed through the start of March 2022. The prices have gone only up during this time of inflation.

We did see a glimpse of this rise in 2021. That’s because the previous year saw the highest demand for firewood ever. The sales for this item boomed in the US and many other countries.

The prices and demand are still going high in 2022. Loggers have stated that it is getting harder to meet the increasing requirements.

Even after the high firewood price boom, we expect another 5% increment by the end of October. That is mainly due to the increasing demands with winter’s arrival.

To Wrap Up

And that brings us to the end of this detailed guide on Albertsons and firewood. Let’s go back to our original question. Does Albertsons sell firewood? Yes, it does.

The store has various products in this category. You can surely find the one that suits you the best. Each product comes with its own pros and cons.

Some are expensive but have a longer burn time. In contrast, some cheaper fire logs are also available. They can only last for a couple of hours. In the end, the choice is yours!

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