Does 711 Sell Toilet Paper? Single Rolls, Cost, FAQs

Does 711 Sell Toilet Paper

During the 2020s Covid-19 pandemic, almost everyone collected as many essential household items as possible.

People were storming supermarkets and convenience stores to grab food, drinks, and other essentials to stack up during the lockdown. However, one item saw more sales than all the others.

It was, undoubtedly, toilet paper. Many people took to 7-Eleven to buy this product. But does 711 sell toilet paper? Let’s uncover the mystery once and for all!

Does 711 Sell Toilet Paper?

Yes, 711 stores sell toilet paper. They have this product from various brands and types.

You can buy packs and rolls of toilet paper from almost all 711 locations. Then again, the stock may vary from store to store.

As of 2023, each 711 store has different types and sizes of toilet paper in their stocks.

711 Toilet Paper

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Does 711 Sell Single Rolls of Toilet Paper?

Absolutely! You can buy single rolls of toilet paper from most 711 stores.

Single rolls of toilet paper became more demanded after the Covid-19 pandemic. Hence, 711 started stocking up on this product.

Note that most single rolls of toilet paper might be more expensive than you expect. In fact, an entire pack seems more affordable, considering the quantity.

How Much Does 711 Toilet Paper Cost?

A single roll of Angelsoft toilet paper costs $5.49 at 711.

You might be thinking that’s too expensive. Well, you are not wrong. However, 711 is known to sell this product overpriced.

Does 711 Sell Toilet Plungers?

Yes, 711 does have toilet plungers in its stores. They have separate plungers for toilets, sinks, etc.

Generally, you will find toilet plungers in the hardware section in a 711 store. They are kept with other plumbing tools.

If your nearest 711 store doesn’t have plungers, you can opt for Walgreens, Walmart, Publix, or any home improvement store.

Is Toilet Paper Flushable?

Yes, most toiler papers are flushable.

In fact, it is recommended to flush only 2 things in the toilet. That includes human waste and toilet paper.

You might be surprised that many wipes advertised as “flushable” are not really flushable. They can block your toilet pipes and cause clogging.

Also, it is important to note that paper towels, facial tissues, disposable diapers, and bandages are not flushable. They can heavily impact your pipes.

Is Toilet Paper Sustainable?

Surprisingly, toilet paper is not sustainable. Today, it is one of the leading contributors to global warming.

Even toilet paper from popular companies, including Cottonelle and Charmin, harms the environment.

Modern alternatives for toilet paper are coming out, which are advertised as “eco-friendly” and “sustainable.”

To Wrap Up

711 is a day-saver when it comes to bathroom supplies. They have everything you need, including quality toilet paper. You can buy packs or even single rolls of toilet paper.

If visiting a 711 store is not feasible, you can check for this product on their mobile application, 7NOW. Or, simply head to Instacart and view all the available products there.

While cheaper options are available, people prefer 711 for its convenience. You can find at least one 711 store nearby.

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