Does 711 Sell Steam Cards in 2023?

Steam is easily the most popular gaming platform. As of 2023, it has over 50,000 games in its library.

These include titles from all genres. However, buying a new game can be pretty expensive. Luckily, steam cards can help with that!

Where to get these steam cards? You might not know, but 711 is home to various gift cards. Currently, it offers almost 80 popular brands. But does 711 sell Steam cards? Let’s uncover the mystery!

Does 711 Sell Steam Cards?

Does 711 Sell Steam Cards

Yes, 711 does sell Steam cards. The popular convenience store has been selling Steam Wallet cards for more than 9 years now.

That’s excellent news for gamers reading this. But, the best part is that Steam Wallet cards are available in almost all 711 locations. That does not include only the US.

711 locations in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore also carry Steam Wallet cards.

And, that’s not all! 711 has many other gift cards for gamers. These include Fortnite, GameStop, League of Legends, PlayStation (Now, Plus, Store), Roblox, Nintendo, and Xbox (Game Pass, Live Gold, and Gift Card).

In addition, you might also love to know if Walmart sells Steam Cards or not.

Does 7-11 Sell Steam Cards in Singapore?

Yes, Steam cards are available in many 711 Singapore stores. However, you will not find them in all locations.

Generally, the thumb rule in Singapore is to opt for larger 711 stores. Those situated in small towns usually do not sell many gift cards.

Therefore, if you live in Singapore, go for bigger 711 stores. You will surely find Steam cards there.

711 Steam Cards

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Do Gas Stations Have Steam Cards?

No, you will have a hard time finding Steam cards at gas stations.

That’s mainly because Steam cards itself is quite a niche. And, that is something you wouldn’t find in smaller stores.

You can buy Steam cards from popular retailers, such as 711. Additionally, they are also sold by Steam itself. You can view the available options on Steam Store.

Can You Convert Steam Gift Cards to Cash?

Well, there is no official way to convert Steam gift cards into cash.

However, many third-party trade services may allow you to do that. That said, trusting them is entirely your responsibility.

Steam gift cards were launched so people would easily buy games and software on Steam. That is why Steam does not allow turning cards into cash.

Many services may help you with this task, but none of them are officially powered by Steam.

How Do You Get Steam Cards?

There are several ways of getting Steam Cards. The most effective one is to play one of the participating games.

Once you complete the game’s achievements, you will get trading cards. You can view them in your Steam inventory.

Another way is to buy Steam cards from stores. You can find them in third-party retailers.

Many trading websites online may also allow you to buy Steam cards for cash. These cards help you develop your Steam profile.

Does 7-Eleven Sell Steam Cards Malaysia?

Well, yes and no. Some 711 locations do sell Steam cards in Malaysia. At the same time, many others do not.

It depends entirely on where you live. Usually, larger 711 locations in Malaysia tend to carry a more extensive library of cards. Hence, they will also sell Steam cards.

But, it is safe to say that you will find Steam cards. That’s because 711 is the biggest store chain in Malaysia.


As a gamer, 711 can be a great companion. You can buy new gift cards and Steam cards from there.

Build your Steam Wallet, buy new games, purchase in-game items, and enhance your profile to the max. Once you have a killer profile, you will stand out among millions of gamers on Steam.

711 sells Steam gift cards in a variety of countries. But, it is highly recommended that you contact the nearest store to inquire about the availability.

That can save you the time and gas of a trip.

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