Does 711 Sell Razors? (FAQs)

Does 711 Sell Razors

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to buy razors but didn’t know where to find them? Well, there are plenty of stores that sell them.

Having said that, does 711 sell razors? Do they sell razor blades and shaving creams? If you are looking for the answers to these questions, this blog post is for you.

Here, we’ll provide a breakdown of the available razors and other accessories. Keep reading to find out more.

Does 711 Sell Razors?

Yes, 711 does sell razors. Usually, they are behind the counter or in the same aisle where all other personal care items, like shampoo, conditioner, etc, are present.

The selection of the brand varies from store to store. Mostly, they carry Gillette. Also, some locations don’t even have razors.

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Do 711 Sell Razors in Gas Stations?

Partly yes, as not all 711 sell razors in gas stations.

However, the quality of the razors may not be as good as those you would find at a store like Walmart or Target.

The prices can also be higher than those at other stores. If you are mainly going to buy razors at your local gas station, it is better to call 711 ahead to know more.

Does 7/11 Sell Makeup Wipes?

Yes, 7-11 does sell makeup wipes.

They have launched their own makeup line where you can easily find them. They’re great for removing excess dirt and oil from your skin, and they also help to remove makeup.

Also, 711 carries The Breakup Kit, which also includes makeup wipes. You can find it in the lifestyle/makeup department.

So if you ever need a quick beauty pick-me-up, swing by your local 7-11 and pick up some makeup wipes.

Does 7-11 Sell Shaving Cream?

Yes, 7-11 does sell shaving cream, but they have a limited range. For example, some stores only carry Barbasol shave cream.

The store announced a new line of health and beauty products. And under this category, they also introduced a lot of things, including shaving creams.

Other than that, some locations also house Gillette and Schick. You can find more details by calling them.

Does 7/11 Sell Razor Blades?

Yes, 7/11 usually sells razor blades.

Mostly, they have Gillette blades. But, the brand can vary depending on the region. Read the reviews before purchasing a pack of blades, as not all brands are created equal.

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How Long Should a Razor Last?

Experts suggest that you should change your razor after 5 to 7 shaves.

Though there is no typical life of a razor, it depends on how often you shave and what type of razor you use.

A disposable razor should last for about 5 shaves, while a cartridge razor should last for about 5 to 10 shaves. You must replace the blade more often if you have thick hair.


Here are the final bits and pieces. 711 is a convenience store. They sell plenty of everyday things, including razors, shaving creams, wipes, and razor blades.

Although the brands and the range can be different, you can find these things at most of their locations.

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