Does 711 Sell Ice? (All You Need to Know)

Ice is one of the most important items to have in your refrigerator. You can use it in smoothies, milkshakes, juices, and many other snacks. Also, ice is the perfect killer for summer.

However, running out of ice is a common problem. In that case, you should head to your nearest convenience store.

The first name that pops up in many people mind’s is 7-Eleven. So, does 711 sell ice? Let’s find out the answer!

Does 711 Sell Ice?

Yes, 711 does sell ice. In fact, there are various brands of ice available at most 711 stores.

You can even buy a bag of 22 pounds of ice. And that is enough to fulfill all summer needs. Most 711 stores do sell this product.

However, you can also buy it online via Instacart. They can deliver ice from 7-Eleven stores to your doorstep.

As of 2023, 711 has Home City, Reddy, Party, Nuzzolese Bros, Alhambra, Arctic, and Sparkletts Artic Glacier ice available in stores.

Does 711 Sell Ice

Does 711 Charge for a Cup of Ice?

Yes, 711 does charge for a cup of ice. You will have to pay even if the cup is yours.

This change was made in 2016. Before that, 711 used to hand out free cups of ice refills. However, now you have to pay.

Does 711 Have Crushed Ice?

As of 2023, 711 does not sell crushed ice.

They have ice cubes and bags. Even the Instacart page of 711 does not have any crushed ice listed.

But, you can still buy ice cubes from 7-Eleven stores and crush them at home. You can use a blender to crush the cubes into small precipitates.

Does 711 Sell Ice Melt?

Currently, there are no ice melt products available at 711.

The main reason can be due to the current season. In summer, most stores do not sell ice melt products. They are sold widely during November, December, and January.

You can contact a 711 store and inquire whether they will have an ice melt sometime sooner in stock.

How Much is a Bag of Ice at 711?

One bag of ice costs between $3 to $4 at 711, depending on the brand, quantity, and store. Yes, the prices vary from store to store.

One pound of ice usually costs 25 to 40 cents. Thus, the price keeps increasing with the bag size.

The 10-pound bag of Reddy Ice costs $5.19. And a 20-pound bag by the same brand costs $6.89.

Does 711 Sell Dry Ice?

Yes, dry ice is sold at some 711 stores.

Note that not all 7-Eleven stores may carry dry ice. You can contact your nearest location to inquire about this product.

Other than that, Wawa, Safeway. Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Acme, Food Meyer, Dillions, and Giant Food also have dry ice.

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Is Dry Ice Edible?

No. It is strongly recommended never to consume dry ice. It is made of concentrated carbon dioxide gas, which can be very harmful to one’s body.

Dry ice is also quite colder than regular ice. It can damage your skin as well as your inside body.

People handling dry ice usually wear gloves as well as other safety equipment for maximum protection.

To Wrap Up

Let’s wrap up our original question, does 711 sell ice? In short, yes. 711 has a wide selection of ice from many popular brands.

You will find at least 1 or 2 brands of ice bags in almost every 711 location. These are usually in cube form.

But, you can crush them at home with ease. Since the store is open 24 hours, it is very convenient to buy ice from 7-Eleven.

Not to forget that they can also deliver ice to your doorstep. Simply go to 711’s Instacart page and find the desired ice bag. Add it to your cart, checkout for payment, and you are all set to fight the summer!

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